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Skin of Ice_Otter (as of 29 Sept. 2022)
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  • F46
  • SirSimplifying
  • babymanrjc
  • klonkie
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First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
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Ice_otter was a HCF player who was originally introduced to the civ genre during the 2.0 HCF war by Papa_pound and bloodidiot.

Civcraft 2.0

Ice_otter raiding Carson with bloodcrew on his alternate account SirSimpliftying
Ice_otter raiding Carson with bloodcrew on his alternate account SirSimpliftying

Ice_otter spent half of his time on 2.0 as a raider, and the other half as a regular player. He was first brought to the server alongside several other HCF players by Papa_Pound and Bloodidiot to form a raiding crew known as bloodcrew. Ice quickly gained a reputation as a raider, although being notorious for carelessly griefing and raiding, he had an appreciation for the cosmetic builds and cities throughout the server. He would play a part of breaking vaults like MrGerbics and Itaqi's, and would raid towns like Aurora, Carson, and Orion with the rest of bloodcrew. Although introduced to the server as a pvper and raider, later in the iteration Ice would be pardoned for his crimes during the HCF invasion and would reside in Commonwealth (2.0) for the remainder of Civcraft 2.0, he did not participate in the Nox war.

Civcraft 3.0

Ice_otter played alonside Crackerjack and PSN_Gamer in Crocodile Isle during Civcraft 3.0, which was located in the Rokko Steppe shard. Ice had a house he shared with JohnFairfax in Crocodile Isle, he later built John is own home and kicked him out of his. Ice built a large bracer reinforced spike hidden under Crocodile Isle terriotory and told nobody, it was later discovered by his own nation. Not much happened during this iteration in Ice's eyes because of its short run time.

CivClassics 2.0

Ice_otter did not spend too much time playing CivClassics, but he played the role as a "login pvper" during NATO war, except he never really logged in. Ice was a member of Corvus, and later Hallow. He participated in a handful of operations attacking Valyria.


Ice_otter made a brief appearance during CivRealms, he played alongside Crackerjack and HiImPosey in the Cantina empire, but never really acquired much playtime.


Ice_otter would play CivMC and acquired several citizenships and friends early into playing in the server. He was primarily a citizen of The Commonwealth, and built a giant mansion early into the nation's creation and helped build factories for the nation. Although being a main citizen of The Commonwealth, he also had citizenships in Butternut, Icenia, Rhode Island, and The Enclave.

Controversy on CivMC
Ice_otter's house in The Commonwealth
Ice_otter's house in The Commonwealth

Ice_otter planned to create a twin mansion to his one in The Commonwealth in Icenia, he would go on to construct a ~4500 long obsidian cased blue Ice road between his mansion in The Commonwealth and his plot in Icenia city. The Ice road was a perfect way for Rhodesian players and independent raiders like Vah and Ez2Clutch to get south avoiding Estalian and Pavian snitches and land. Vah and Ez2Clutch would later be caught using Ice's Ice Road multiple times to traverse the map, his dampened Ice's relationships with Icenia, Butternut, and The Commonwealth getting his citizenship revoked from each.

His reputation tarnished, Ice decided to join Vah and Ez2Clutch as a raider, aswell as the Generic war as a Rhodesian fighter, he quickly constructed a statue of the notorious raider Vah in his plot in Icenia, and started fighting for the USA, and griefing/raiding Icenia. He fought in a handful of fights with the USA and would be most notably known for pearling TheJKH.

Ice_otter raiding alongside Ez2Clutch and SwiftFizz
Ice_otter raiding alongside Ez2Clutch and SwiftFizz

Ice_otter would later decide to quit the server, and arranged to dump all of his personal wealth into Icenia as obsidian grief. On the morning of September 17th, 2022 Ice would gather a group of USA players comprised of SwiftFizz, Dollaz, and Hangovered and they would collectively obsidian grief Icenia with over 16 Stacks of Iron Blocks, 3 Stacks of Diamond Blocks, and several CS of Stone. This grief was probably "The Straw the Broke the Camels Back" and resulted in a nationwide banwave or "The Clean Sweep" of USA players, including Ice.

Ice's house in The Commonwealth would be donated to the Nation itself, later to be reopened as a museum curated by Mokuno, and the Ice Road would eventually be repurposed as a public high-speed travel system for citizens of Icenia and The Commonwealth. Bewsiej gave Icenian citizens and grief cleaners permission on Ice's grief group "IceniaMonument" and Ice's reps to Icenia would be deemed paid by the amount of wealth acquired from the IRO/DRO cleanup.