The Crown of Godhaven

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The Crown of Godhaven refers to various nations across many civ and non-civ servers named or related to Godhaven. Nations under the crown of Godhaven have shared a system of values, leadership, and traditions. Every nation has been led under a form of government similar to an absolute monarchy under thejmqn. They have all focused on recruiting newfriends to grow the city and have all had relaxed build codes and no taxes. In terms of foreign policy, most of the nations have generally been isolationist and focused on neutrality, with not one nation under the Crown of Godhaven ever going to war.

The Crown of Godhaven has held land across servers since July of 2018. The first instance of Godhaven began on popular YouTuber "RTGame"'s Minecraft server. When RTGame streamed on the server for the first time, he unknowingly set up a town known as "New Alaska" next to Thejmqn's already-existing base. New Alaska annexed the base and named the territory "Godhaven," but when the leadership of New Alaska went inactive Thejmqn took over the lands and renamed it all to Godhaven. After the RTGame server was reset in April of 2019, Godhaven existed on the next RTGame Minecraft server and was located north of spawn. The crown of Godhaven first moved to CivClassic when Thejmqn decided to create a nation known as Panem in the ++ quadrant. It has since existed on many civ servers.