Thrain Industries

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Created in 2019 by Thraldrek, Thrain Industries is owned by Cartesian Holdings

Thrain Industries
IndustryGeneral Industry
ParentCartesian Holdings
  • Material Transportation
  • Resource Refinement
  • Property Construction
  • Wood Products
  • Iron Products
  • Tools
Historical Data
Established in2019

. Thrain Industries is based in Mount September and is known largely as a general industrial company. The company has historically created a number of assorted goods, and manages resources after they have been extracted. As of 2020, the company has concentrated in producing tools, weapons, armour pieces and factories.

The company entered into the 2021 year with a focus in refining resources and producing commodities for sale in international markets. While focusing on labour-intensive commodities, the company also sees use in opening more access to everyday materials.