Garman Division

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A political movement created by Thraldrek in late 2019, early 2020. The Garman Division can now be seen through its extensive sign placements throughout Mount Augusta. Though reaching recognition on multiple discords, the existing Oldfriend elite saw it as a mere annoyance and ignored it indefinitely. This movement is largely connected to the CivCallCentre.


A rift between the Newfriends and Oldfriends had existed on the CivClassic server for some time. The creation and usage of the "CivCallCentre" allowed users access to the Newfriends that spawned onto the server. Able to see and chat with them via a bot, many Newfriends were guided and assisted on their initial journeys. Unfortunately, a large amount of Newfriends also ignored or responded negatively to the CivCallCentre efforts.

A Newfriend, fresh off the spawn, appeared near the middle of the server near Icenia. Already cultivating a reputation for harvesting Newfriends, it was quickly apparent that Garman was in trouble. Chatting with CivCallCentre agents, they eventually fell silent, most likely in the vault area of Icenia. Viewed by some as an injustice to Newfriends, they spoke out.

In a final stand of activism, the "Garman Division" was created as a voice for all the Newfriends lost to pearling and bullying. Signage was posted up throughout Mount Augusta and the international rail lines going through the city. Extensive protesting was done on the discord server for Mount Augusta, but it was largely ignored. The movement is now largely inactive.


While the movement has largely been a minor blip on the CivClassic radar, it did have some impact on the culture of Mount Augusta. A spotlight was shone on the inequalities between Newfriends and Oldfriends, and a conversation was allowed to be had. Unfortunately, Newfriends today are still murdered in cold blood as they attempt to navigate the new world they have been born into. The common excuse is that they are alts that need to be pearled, however that does not help with the ongoing retention issues, especially if evidence is not presented to the public.