Thrain Lumber & Mining Co.

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Thrain Lumber & Mining Co.
Headquarters Mount September
ParentCartesian Holdings
  • Mineral Extraction & General Digging
  • Lumber Services
  • Railway Construction
Historical Data
Established in2019

Owned and operated by Thraldrek under the Cartesian Holdings company, Thrain Lumber & Mining Co. (TLMC) is a multinational resource extraction company based in Mount September. The company saw large profits in 2019 that allowed it to grow rather extensively. Unfortunately, the 2020 pandemic slowed its growth exponentially, and the company largely saw a deficit (especially in late 2020). Activity has increased steadily through 2021 and record profits have been achieved by the summer. Profits have been transferred up to the holding company Cartesian Holdings which have allowed the holding company to make strategic international investments. Resources extracted by TLMC have also been transferred to Mount September, specifically earmarking all ores that aren't diamond or iron to Mount September.


Created in 2019, TLMC laboured to establish itself in Mount Augusta. Extensive work was done to facilitate it's lumber operations with an oak tree farm established in southern Mount Augusta (now South Augusta) and a remote pine tree extraction facility in The Commonwealth. Both operations are now inactive. TLMC encountered difficulties while operation The Commonwealth branch as biome specifics made tree growth impossible. TLMC initiated responsible clear-cutting strategies to remain profitable.

Mining has been the cornerstone of the resource extraction company. Starting in 2019, mining has been a constant activity. Large operational tunnels were constructed under Mount Augusta and extended east under the ocean. As activity continued and diamond and iron ore were brought to the surface, a rail was deemed necessary by management to maintain efficiency. The company constructed a private railway that extends eastwards from the tip of South Augusta and goes a ways under the ocean.

There also exists infrastructure constructed by the company in The Commonwealth (associated with the old TLMC Commonwealth branch). It was used for the transportation of players and goods between the main railway lines of The Commonwealth and the facility deep in the wilderness.

Current Operations

Thrain Lumber & Mining Co. currently operates out of Mount September. It has constructed a public (for Mount September Residents) railway that leads to untouched mining areas under the ocean to the east of the nation. The company is currently operating diamond extraction operations while managing multiple tree farms. Though activity rises and falls, steady profits have been made specifically in the diamond extraction operations.