Columbian Bush War

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The Columbian Civil War, also known as the Columbian Bush War, was a civil war on CivClassic 2.0 in Columbia (CivClassic) fought between the two emperors of the Columbian Empire, which was previously a diarchy; Shadedoom and Kdeeks, and their supporters, called the Oomist and Rhodesian factions respectively.

It led to most Columbian groups being held by Kdeeks, Columbia being inducted into the UDF, and the final nail in the coffin for Kdeeks and Rhodesia on civclassics.

Columbian Civil War
Shitty postcard Rick made
Oomist/UDF fighters retaking the Rhodes XP complex
DateDecember 18th, 2019, to December 29th, 2019 (11 days)
Columbia (Rotterdam, Rhodes), Valyria (The Crucible vault)
Result Decisive Oomist victory; Rhodes XP Complex destroyed; Kdeeks and allies indefinitely pearled; Columbia inducted into UDF

Oomist Coalition:

Supported by:

Rhodesia Rhodesian-Columbians
Supported by:

Commanders and leaders
  • Columbia shadedoom
  • Columbia KnotNSA
  • Columbia ComradeRick
  • Valyria Doommad
  • Valyria DefectedHeart
  • Icenia (CivClassic 2.0) Lagiacrus11
  • Rhodesia kdeeks
  • Rhodesia _SteveBuscemi
  • Rhodesia pds0303
  • Strength
    8-10 Columbians, 15+ allied fighters 5-6 fighters
    Casualties and losses
    The majority of Columbian reinforcement groups 3 pearled


    After Columbia brokered peace with Mir from the NATO-Mir War, Kdeeks rejoined Columbia, and agreed to become a Co-Emperor with Shadedoom. GeneralThomas4 (aka _SteveBuscemi) joined as well, with Pds0303 following after his unbanning. The trio took on the role of producing xp for the rest of Columbia and settled in an area east of Apoland, close to some derelict xp farms built by Hamboy_Jr. They named the area Rhodes and began tearing out all the old xp infrastructure, replacing it with their own improved infrastructure.

    Rising Tensions

    However, unbeknownst to the rest of Columbia, they illegally built all of the new xp infrastructure on their own groups instead of the national Columbian groups. When Co-Emperor Shadedoom and then-Chancellor lemuractionnews learned that they had done this, they reached out to the Rhodesians to try and convince them to integrate the xp groups they had made into the main Columbian groups. During this time shadedoom started organizing a plan to pearl kdeeks and pds in the event a compromise couldn't be made. After the groups were shared, the plan was called off.

    After kdeeks was pearled by Hallow as a result of doxxing accusations, lemuractionnews resigned his title as Chancellor and told kdeeks of a plan to arrest him involving himself, shadedooom, and Robokaiser. This is when kdeeks went looking through the namelayer groups and discovered that Shadedoom had removed his administrative privileges as 'Owner' on the group. Effectively, Shadedoom had taken ownership over all the primary Columbian groups right under his nose. However, he missed the permission for owners to adjust permissions. Kdeeks then changed his permissions back to having admin privileges and demoted everyone in Columbia to member except for the Rhodesians. Later he removed everyone who was demoted from the groups.

    GeneralThomas4/_SteveBuscemi attempted to mediate a peace discussion, however these talks failed. He ended up siding with his former comrades.

    At this point, escalation to the point of armed conflict was inevitable.

    The First Hours

    As soon as kdeeks announced he seized control of all Columbian groups, lemuractionnews went on one last mission- he damaged Rhodes' farms, damaging Rhodesian XP production. Lemur was logboxed on his main and altvaulted gear before logging off one last time.

    As soon as he merged C-IV and C-VS back from Kdeeks, shadedoom had YourAverageRick (on alt account ComradeRick) and DefectedHeart ferry materials to the then-derelict Valyria vault. While DefectedHeart managed to escape from Rotterdam, due to an internet issue mid-conversation with kdeeks and jfkvius, Rick was logboxed in Rotterdam. Only slightly demoralized, shadedoom ordered all Oomist accounts to be moved to the Valyria vault, and a wartime committee was established in a discord.

    Shiedstad Expedition

    Shadedoom had various Columbians help him transport materials from his unfinished city of Shiedstad in Letzebeurg. The operation was a success, and Rick later went back and established a snitch grid across Letzebeurg, and added on to it as time went on.

    The Crucible

    The Crucible at the time of the Rhodesian attack

    The Valyria Vault (later renamed the Crucible) became the headquarters of shade's faction during the war. All available manpower was concentrated on the vault, with the work party being led by shadedoom and Doommad. The vault was finished to an acceptable degree just before the war ended and was continued in the days after the war.

    What remained of Knot Tower by the time of the first scouting mission, showing Rhodesian-Columbian greifing of civilian builds.
    Petty grief done by DefectedHeart_ towards Kdeek's Rotterdam home, obsidian only being placed in between bastion fields.

    A demand for XP led to expeditions into Columbia to retrieve dropchests; wartime exp provided to Shadedoom by Pds some one year prior as a gift while they were allies in FRIENDS. On their way to and from these, more snitches were placed across Columbia, and Rhodes snitches were broken as well.


    Late that night, UDF volunteers + Oomists travelled to Sempiternal (Columbia's vault), then controlled by Kdeeks, and heavily griefed it. The vault was disabled completely, and screenshots of Rotterdam were taken after the Rhodesian faction had taken over.

    The Sleigh Ride

    The Sleigh Ride was an impromptu scouting mission which took place in the early morning of December 27th, 2019. During the mission Oomist troops disabled the Sempiternal vault even more, and harassed in Rhodes.

    The Crucible Defense

    The Crucible Defense

    Couldn't find a better screenshot of the defense will look later, here's something to hold you over
    DateDecember 29, 2019
    Crucible Vault
    Result Decisive Oomist victory, Rhodesian leadership pearled

    Seal Team G

    Rhodesia Rhodesian-Columbians
    Commanders and leaders

    Seal Team G

    Rhodesia Rhodesian-Columbians

    Casualties and losses
    None 3 pearled

    After Pds scouted the Crucible Vault, Oomists knew that an attack was imminent. In one autistic burst of glory, they finished digging the vault. The next day, the Rhodesians attacked. Seeing several dozen @everyones in the discord, Rick, Complexity, FY1, and others logged on. Complexity and FY loaded in and ran to the east ring, where Rick was 4v1ing the Rhodesians, nearly killing kdeeks after luring him into a ring of the vault.

    After 15 minutes of fighting, and losing the pearl of jfkvius, the Rhodesian fighters started to flee back to Rhodes, where they were intercepted, with kdeeks and pds0303 being pearled and only SteveBuscemi escaping.

    After a successful campaign against the Rhodesians, the Columbians returned home and began reconstruction.

    The Sacking of Rhodes

    After defending the Crucible from Rhodesia, the Columbians dug an attack tunnel to Rhodes and began looting and disabling the bunker complex.