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Maester Alliance
Flag of the Maester Alliance
Kamakon Assembly Hall
Classification:History & preservation
Headquarters:Kamakon Assembly, Mt. Augusta
Founders:SomethingSaucy, Ttocs_Is_Awe, NateMagic
Founded:Summer of 2012
Sister organisation:Order of St Marcus
Current involvements:CivMC
Members in cities:Mt. Augusta
Discord:Maester Alliance

The Maester Alliance is an ancient order focused on preserving the stories and texts that have been written by Minecraft players into in-game books.

The Alliance is currently focused on managing the Walo Nena Assembly and the Anpa Nena Tomo Scriptorium in Mt. Augusta on the CivMC server.


Civcraft 1.0

After the abandonment of Lazuli, NateMagic traveled north to an old mining outpost and started to build a great hall that would become The Citadel, other ex-lazulians Ttocs_is_Awe and SomethingSaucy came to join him and expanded the hall that housed many texts and added a village next to it. They were both collecting books and writing new ones. The three of them reached an agreement and named themselves the Maester Alliance.[1][2] The Maester Alliance was announced officially to the Civcraft subreddit by SomethingSaucy on the 2nd of March 2013.[3]


The closest thing to a headquarters of the Maester Alliance on Craftlang was the library officially named (in the toki pona language) tomo pi mute lipu pi ike sona, from which the english version is derived - Pikesona Heretical Grand Library. The reason for deeming the library "heretical" or to be containing "bad knowledge" was the fact that it mainly contained books written in english, not in any constructed languages - the focus of this particular server - nor about anything related to the server. The collection of the library was mainly made up of books originating from Civcraft 1.0. The library was located in the small town of Mokuhr, the most noteworthy settlement on the server.

Civcraft 2.0

After losing momentum at the start of the iteration, the Alliance resurfaced in 2014 and, led by Marcus_Flaminius, initially established a headquarters - the Omen Assembly - at the Omen Facility, an unsuccessful development project by Dr_Oracle.

The second headquarters of the Maesters in Civcraft 2.0 was the Tenpo Assembly, which was named "after our ageless nature" and the distant location "that has been forgotten by time" by using the Toki Pona word for time.[4] This headquarters was erected on a sizeable land claim located far north from the Omen Assembly, which was offered to the Alliance by Ogel6000, the leader of Saraliana. The land claim was soon neighboured by Garundistan, a tiny nation with strong ties to Craftlang.

To better protect the large land claim, the Maesters eventually also applied for membership in the North East Alliance and remained part of it as an Observer State/Member until the end of Civcraft 2.0. Additionally, close to the end of the iteration, there were also some discussions with nearby Eterna of collaboration, most notably to make use of their newly established Nether factory, which made travel to such a distant location considerably faster from more populated regions. The difference in travel time was enough to make it reasonable to consider building a public grand library on the existing land claim of the Alliance, but the iteration ended before any such plans could be realised. Instead, the friendly relations with Eterna led on to the Maester Alliance joining the Heartland Federation for CivTemp 2.0.


The Maester Alliance established and maintained a small expeditionary library - the Loje Library - on the second iteration of Bergecraft, in the town of Dearborn.


Built a facility named the Tawa Assembly[4] on CivTemp, in the Heartland Federation settlement of the Aleph shard. The name of the facility was decided by a vote, with the suggestion to use the Toki Pona word for travelling put forth by Logic_Man winning the majority.[5][6] Afterwards, a library was established within the Assembly, called the Tawa Assembly Library.[7]

Civcraft 3.0

In Civcraft 3.0, the Maester Alliance tried to ally with a suitable political group that would ensure enough security to allow for the establishment of a grand central library that would serve both as a place to copy texts from for other libraries as well as act as a centre of knowledge and research. Thus, the Maesters started out in Tjikko, together with Concordia. The Alliance had reserved the right to its own borough under the Concordian rule and work soon started on the library. Unexpectedly, however, the work was cut short fairly close to finishing the build, as ttk2 departed from Civcraft development and, as a result, Civcraft 3.0 ceased to be.

Devoted 3.0

Maester FabledMrFox created the Library of Augusta within Mt. Augusta and with Marcus Flaminius's permission led the Maesters on Devoted.[9] Helping FabledMrFox was TaylorLCling who would later go on to become a Maester.[10] The library had 44 books in its collection at one point.[11]

CivClassic 2.0

The Maesters were based in Mt. Augusta, in the Kamakon Assembly. Nearby was the largest and main Maester library, the Shardore Tower Library. At its peak the library had over 100 books on the shelves; the book collection of the library can be found here. During CivClassic 2.0, 7 new maesters were initiated into the order, saying their oaths at the Kamakon Assembly Hall.


The Maesters are much more spread out with Maester Lodish settling in Yoahtl, whereas Maester Logic_Man and Maester Milipede set up in Mt. Augusta. Not long after, Maester Flaminius returned from a long slumber and joined Maesters Logic_Man and Milipede.

In Altepetl - the capital of Yoahtl - the Xunkuilotl Tomo Lipu Library was built by Lodish, and in Mt. Augusta the Walo Nena Assembly and the Anpa Nena Tomo Scriptorium was built, as well as a plot for a future library reserved. Maester reffelruz set up to the west, in The Commonwealth, building Akesi Grove which was later used for the initiations of Jenson3rd and Peyt1212.[12]


The Alliance issues rulings, known as decrees, to govern their internal workings. As of December 13, 2021, these are the known decrees:

Current and former Maesters

Name Initiation date - Old system Initiation date - New system Initiation Iteration Initiation Location Oath Book Date Current Status
Ttocs_is_Awe[1] Summer 2012[Notes 1] Civcraft 1.0 The Citadel None
SomethingSaucy Summer 2012[Notes 1] Civcraft 1.0 The Citadel None
NateMagic Summer 2012[Notes 1] Civcraft 1.0 The Citadel None Former Maester
Alec_Poynter unverified Civcraft 1.0 The Citadel None
Cooliocrow unverified Civcraft 1.0 The Citadel None
Tambien_Sinclair[13] unverified 11th of July, 2015[14] Civcraft 1.0/Civcraft 2.0 ?/Tenpo Assembly Maester
Seldomshock unverified Civcraft 1.0 None Former Maester
Marcus_Flaminius 3rd of March, 2013[15] 22nd of February, 2015[16] Civcraft 1.0/Civcraft 2.0 Rapture/Tenpo Assembly February 22nd 2015 Maester of the Council
Stellardawn 26th of January 2014[17] Civcraft 2.0 The Citadel[18] Former Maester
Rupert_Giles[19] unverified Civcraft 2.0 Omen Assembly Former Maester
Lord_Kaelin unverified Civcraft 2.0 Omen Assembly? Former Maester
Xirtan unverified Civcraft 2.0 Omen Assembly Former Maester
KirbyMaster555[20] 14th of August, 2013[21] CraftLang Garundistan None Former Maester
Konvexen[22] Before February 12th 2014[23] Civcraft 2.0 Omen Assembly? Maester
Logic_Man[24] 25th of February, 2015[25] Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly February 25th 2015 Maester of the Council
Mulificus unverified 22nd of February, 2015[26] Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly February 22nd 2015 Maester of the Council
WildWeazel 6th of March 2015[27] Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly March 6th 2015[28] Maester
SortByNode[29] 2nd of July, 2015 Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly 2nd cycle of July, Third Year, New World[30] Maester of the Council
UnknownOreo1996 30th of June, 2015 Civcraft 2.0 30th cycle of June, Third Year, New World[31] Maester
tylertoon2 11th of July, 2015[32] Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly 11th cycle of July, Third Year, New World Former Maester
Weishaar/FabledMrFox[33] 6th of June, 2015 Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly 6th cycle of June, Third Year, New World[34] Former Maester of the Council
Ace_of_Knaves[33] 6th of June, 2015[35] Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly 6th cycle of June, Third Year, New World[36] Maester
Sprocketlord[33] 7th of August, 2015 Civcraft 2.0 Tenpo Assembly 7th cycle of August, Third Year, New World[37] Former Maester
spacew00t[38] 16th of Janunary, 2016 Civcraft 2.0 Former Maester
PETN 15th of May, 2016[39] CivTemp 2.0 Tawa Assembly Maester of the Council
QTR_KOBRA[40] unverified Maester
TaylorLCling 2nd of December, 2016[41] Devoted 3.0 The Library of Augusta 58th cycle since Landfall[10] Maester of the Council
Lodish 16th of June, 2018[42] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester of the Council
Milipede 24th of June, 2018[43] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
lemuractionnews 7th of July, 2018[44] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
MilesDust 10th of November, 2018[45] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
comped 14th of January, 2019[46] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
adeadhead 5th of August, 2019[47] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
Siksta[48] 8th of August, 2019[49] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Former Maester
reffelruz 19th of August, 2019[50] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
Kwikxilver 2nd of January, 2021[51] CivClassic 2.0 Kamakon Assembly Hall Maester
Spaceman_Spleef 21st of August, 2022[52] CivMC Walo Nena Assembly[53] Maester
Jenson3rd[12] 18th of August, 2023[54] CivMC Akesi Grove Maester
Peyt1212[12] 18th of August, 2023[54] CivMC Akesi Grove Maester


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