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Kwikxilver's skin as of Feb 2021.
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Icenia
Known For
Main ResidenceRV Park,Icenia
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on

Kwikxilver is a longtime Civ player who has played on and off in the genre since Civcraft 2.0 and currently is a citizen of Icenia on CivClassic. A member of the Maester Alliance, Kwikxilver cares more about preserving in-game culture and infrastructure than PvP and politics. He is often confused for Kwizzle.


Kwikxilver originally joined Civcraft 2.0 in 2016 after seeing the Civcraft trailer on YouTube.[1] He was met by Dr_Oracle who invited him to join Mt Augusta, and Kwikxilver soon built a small shack there. Overall, Kwikxilver felt disconnected from the machinations of Augustan life and decided to tour the abandoned towns of the world that he found interesting, visiting the ruins of River's End, Lio, Ravenport and Plankton. He documented these travels on his tumblr blog.[2] However, Kwikxilver soon became inactive due to IRL obligations and missed the end of Civcraft 2.0.

Sanctuary and Aleph City (CivTemp)

Main Article: Sanctuary

Roads designed by Kwikxilver in Sanctuary.

When Kwikxilver returned from his inactivity, he found the world he knew destroyed and in its place, the inactive shard-based test bed of CivTemp. After wandering for a while he eventually came to the Aleph shard and encountered GameNBurger, who had started work on the underground town of Sanctuary. Kwikxilver joined the town and took up the office of Public Works, contributing much to the road system and amenities of the fledgling town. He personally welcomed new citizens such as Aeroless and others into the town, and took over as the de facto leader of the town after GameNBurger became inactive.

In response to growing inactivity on CivTemp as the beginning of 3.0 loomed, the residents of Sanctuary decided to move aboveground and create a "central city for CivTemp" known as Aleph City. Kwikxilver and Aeroless spearheaded the development of the city and its infrastructure, but their inexperience in Civcraft resulted in the city being left defenseless against frequent raider attacks. Aleph City came to an end with CivTemp being taken down in preparation for Civcraft 3.0, and Kwikxilver moved on to his next ambitious project for the new world.

3.Road Project (Civcraft 3.0)

Main Article: 3.Road

Kwikxilver and WormWizard pose in the 3.Road HQ.

After his experiences with the shard system in CivTemp, Kwikxilver realized that direct routes connecting shard portals would become incredibly important in the upcoming Civcraft 3.0 and envisioned a network of ready made, shard-spanning roads that would influence trade and settlement creation. This was dubbed The 3.Road Project, in reference to Civcraft 3.0's version. On 22nd June 2016, Kwikxilver laid the foundation for the 3.Road Project by announcing it in a "plans" thread on the main subreddit. [3] It was through the project that Kwikxilver first encountered WormWizard who came on board as Project Manager and the two would become longtime friends.

As the leader of 3.Road, Kwikxilver planned road routes and negotiated with various nations to allow roads to pass through their territory. Despite his desire for 3.Road to remain neutral, the protectionist nature of many nations required careful negotiations to prevent the road crew getting pearled. On the whole however, thanks to Kwikxilver and WormWizard's tireless work and promotion on the subreddit the attitude towards the project was overall positive and many appreciated the work the 3.Road crew had done to extend the routes through the hostile cave shard Ulca Felya.

The sudden shutdown of Civcraft 3.0 was a shock to everyone including Kwikxilver, but he was pleased that the team had been able to complete routes in the Eilon and Ulca Felya shards. Kwikxilver became mostly inactive after the end of 3.0, preferring instead to play on private servers and modpacks.

Planet One (2019-2020)

After a long time away from Civ servers, Kwikxilver decided to start his own civ-like server community and started the server Planet One in early 2019. Originally a Hermitcraft-like Vanilla server, Kwikxilver eventually desired to build the kind of community and trade Civcraft had but without the excessive grind. Ultimately this was a fruitless endeavor - Kwikxilver lacked the coding skills and free time to make the idea reach its full potential - but did result in the creation of a small, close-knit server community.

Planet One officially shut down in December 2020, as it no longer had the interest or admin willpower to keep going. Kwikxilver found himself drawn back to CivClassic, and made his way to Icenia as he had heard it was one of the only remaining active towns following the Infinity War. He was welcomed by ChrisChrispie and built himself a mobile home across from Icenia's Israeli library. He saw promise in the town, and invited all Planet One members to join and focus their efforts on building there.

Icenia (CivClassic 2.0)

Kwikxilver is initiated into the Maester Alliance

The 2020 Christmas season was a busy time for Kwikxilver. In the space of a few weeks, he ran for Judge in the January 2021 Icenia elections and won in part thanks to support from Planet One migrants. He also completed the tasks to gain entry to the Maester Alliance, and was inducted into the organisation in a secret ceremony on 2nd January 2021. [4] He also travelled to the fledgling nation of Gul and produced a much-loved promotional video for them, Return to Monkecraft.[5]

Kwikxilver poses in front of his RV in Icenia

In his term as Judge, Kwikxilver judged a large amount of cases involving Minemaster933 and dealt fair justice in accordance with the constitution, which he regarded as bloated and not fit for purpose. Unfortunately the constitutional reform Kwikxilver promised did not occur during his term due to IRL commitments. Kwikxilver decided not to run again as Judge in the February 2021 elections, instead running for the position of City Planner in JuniorTide's proposed cabinet. His agenda for the role included the establishment of the Newfriend Academy, as well as a formal district system for Icenia. None of these came to fruition, however, as shortly after his election Kwikxilver became inactive due to IRL obligations. He did not run for any further roles after the February 2021 elections.

Currently, Kwikxilver remains a semi-active citizen of Icenia and can be infrequently seen online working on the Planet One HQ and associated library.

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