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Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForFounder and King of Gondolin (Civcraft 1.0)
Main ResidenceWalo Nena Assembly, Mount Augusta
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Past Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Iterations played on

A long-time player and former developer, known for founding and leading Gondolin, co-administering Bergecraft, and membership in the Maester Alliance.


Civcraft 1.0

WildWeazel first joined Civcraft 1.0 in April 2012, a few weeks into the first iteration. He soon founded the city of Gondolin[1], a private underground town, and along with berge403 established the monarchy. Gondolin purchased the deed to Aristopolis from Jru247 following its decline[2] and WildWeazel took an active role in rebuilding and promoting the city over the summer of 2012. After Gondolin grew into a large federated nation WildWeazel abdicated the throne, passing the kingship to berge403,[3] and after a short hiatus retired to Mithgond Abbey near Mount Augusta.[4] This retirement was short-lived, as the Abbey was targeted and eventually destroyed by Al Kaowni, a terrorist cell. WildWeazel then returned to Aristopolis as a private citizen, and eventually founded a humanitarian co-op called the Order of Zion[5] shortly before the end of Civcraft 1.0.

Civcraft 2.0

WildWeazel, returning as a leader of Gondolin, was involved in the planning and settlement of Metropolis, a large multinational land claim adjacent to the north pole. As head of Gondolin's House of the Mole he led the construction effort of a section of Minas Minas while also nominally founding the nearby New Covenant, a Christian anarchist community.[6] After Minas Minas and Metropolis as a whole failed to gain traction, WildWeazel relocated full time to New Covenant, and later joined the Maesters at Tenpo Assembly in early 2015.

CivClassic 2.0

WildWeazel returned with the Maesters to Mount Augusta and resided for a time at the Kamakon Assembly.


WildWeazel contributed to the construction of, and resides at, Walo Nena Assembly in Mount Augusta.