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Skin of Weishaar
Personal Info
Known ForFormer Grand Lorax of Danzmarket, Former Emir of Al Ishaar, Maester of the Low Council, Former Librarian of Mount Augusta.
Main ResidenceTenpo Assembly
Known Spoken LanguagesCanadian English, Extremely Poor French
Political IdeologyCapitalism, Conservatarianism
TitlesMaester, Emir (ret.), Lorax (ret.)
Known AltsFabledMrFox
Civ Servers
Iterations played onCivcraft 2.0

A pragmatic and goal-oriented character, Weishaar has had tremendous impact on the economics of the Plus Plus as well as on the global literary scene despite his limited notoriety. His considers the Library of Augusta to be his greatest achievement to date.

Early Days as a Capitalist in Disguise

Sometime in 2013, Weishaar and his friend, SirNoodles, logged into Civcraft in order to attempt to build a newfriend empire. Sadly, Weishaar confused the mods and gameplay of Civcraft with those of CivilizationCraft and left after only a few days.

Having painfully learned lessons from his first foray, Weishaar formally began Civcraft 2.0 in Late April 2014. Despite spawning thousands of blocks away and being an unabashed capitalist, Weishaar estimated that his best chances for quickly integrating and surviving in Civcraft lay with joining a socialist commune. He gambled that the Reunion of Soviet Socialist Republics would freely cloth him, teach him about Civcraft, and introduce him to power-brokers in exchange for his service.

Weishaar did not know how to access the rail systems of Civcraft at the time and was too afraid to ask anyone for help. He therefore walked, swam, and sailed to the RSSR. He calls this "The Long Journey." With minimal supplies, Weishaar made his way to New Danzilona from somewhere near Kappi. From there, he used a series of boats to sail for hours down the frozen Latvius River as far as it would go towards Proletarskaya.

Assisted by Millarman and ZANETNT, it rapidly became clear to Weishaar that he had arrived during the final days of a Civilization. Inactivity was rampant, the government was absentee, and there was a general lack of direction in the local chat. Weishaar found himself often alone in the Prole and could since be considered the Soviet Reunion's Last Newfriend.

On his last day in Proletarskaya, Weishaar was helping another newfriend find his way when he received word from a former citizen that a contemporary, well-known griefer named Jarl_Heisenburg was inbound to the cities around RSSR and would use radar to find and kill anyone in the area. Weishaar told the newfriend to follow him, took everything he could from his residence, and jumped off the cliffs of Proletarskaya in the frigid moat that surrounded the city. On foot, Weishaar ran northward to avoid Jarl_Heisenburg, who was no doubt using the single track rail to arrive from the North.

Weishaar has never returned to the Reunion of Soviet Socialist Republics; His residence likely still standing intact in the overgrown northern suburbs.

New Danzilona, Danzmarket, and Federation

After his flight from the RSSR, Weishaar flippantly decided to settle in the only other city with which he had any experience: New Danzilona. He noticably attempted to remain impartial during internal conflict such as the conflicts rising between Danzilonan power-brokers and It_needs_bees, the former leader of Aegina.

Mount Augusta and Refugees of the Riverford Crisis

The Second Battle of Riverford, also referred to as the Yurdstead Conflict was the catalyst for a great schism in Danzilonan politics and the springboard which lead to Weishaar fleeing the Danzilonan Federation.

The Maester Alliance

On September 2nd 2015, Maester Weishaar[1] relocated from Mount Augusta to the Tenpo Assembly.