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Skin of NateMagic
Personal Info
Known ForFounding the Maester Alliance and aiding the HCF
Civ Servers
Iterations played onCivcraft 1.0

NateMagic was one of the founders of the Maester Alliance, who became known for aiding HCF players during the HCF Invasion[1][2]. NateMagic joined Civcraft around late April, early May of 2012[3].


After spawning on Civcraft 1.0 NateMagic wandered for a few days before making contact with a friend of his, blizzxx who was living in Lazuli. Once he arrived he began construction of a pirate ship with blizzxx, Squoitle and Alexzandria on the coast of the Newtown District.

During this time Lazuli was at war with former lazulians known as The Pumpkin Jacks, on the 5th of May, 2012[3] the Pumpkin Jacks launched an attack with the help of mercenaries called the Second Cell. They managed to pearl many citizens including the head of state at the time SomethingSaucy and most of the Lazulian Council.[3] A few days prior to the final attack NateMagic helped in establishing the first Lazulian snitch network around the city. NateMagic tried to defend his pirate ship against the Jacks along with Lazulian council member Ttocs_is_Awe but they were eventually both pearled. Lazuli lost the war and was defeated but from the battles NateMagic gained a reputation and was seen as a respected Lazulian.

After the war Ttocs_is_Awe became the new leader of Lazuli and appointed a new council, on the 12th of May 2012, NateMagic, lem0nland91111 and Logic_Man were sworn in. While the Republic of Lazuli was at its most influential NateMagic would establish a mining colony near the world border for the governments profit. NateMagic remained a councilman till the decline of Lazuli in late July of 2012, after the fall NateMagic retreated to the old mining outpost and began work on the Citadel.[3]

The Maester Alliance

NateMagic began work on the Citadel sometime in late 2012, before taking a break and putting SomethingSaucy in charge of design.