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Banyo as Queen of Lusitania
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsCivMC
Known For
Main ResidencePalácio D'Ouro, Portucale, Lusitania (CivClassic 2.0) Yellow Warehouse Penthouse, Portucale Lusitania (CivMC)
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Tagalog
  • Portuguese
Former CitizenshipsCivClassic 2.0
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic
Iterations played on

Banyough, also known as Queen Banyough, Banyo or Banny is a builder, and co-founder of Lambat and also the Queen of Lusitania.


Banyough first joined CivClassic in the 12th of January when Lambatan President, Kaprediem, died twice both from fall damage and lost his progress in heading to the coordinates he planned to settle in. He sought for Banyough's assistance by asking her to join the server which she initially had no interest in, and asked for her to head to the coordinates where Lambat stood until the end of the server. After a long hike and sailing, she managed to settle in the said coordinates and built a simple cube house made of oak products and glass and placed a bed to settle their spawns at.

After a few weeks of playing, she has lost interest and left the Lambat discord thinking that she would quit the server. However, this changed when Kaprediem found out at the 23rd of February 2021 that Lambat was griefed[1]. She has decided to join again two days later, and since then, she kept on playing daily until the end of the server.

Banyough the Newfriend Killer

Neverlandse's dropped items after the explosion occurred. Photo taken by Metriximor.

On the 7th of June 2021, Banyough was in a voice chat in the Lambat discord with Metriximor and Hills4Real when the accident occurred in Lambatan territories. A player named Neverlandse visited the City of Lambat coming from Icenia, was welcomed by Banyough and was also given a tour of the city. While giving a tour of the unlit farms, two creepers and a skeleton were attacking and approaching Neverlandse at the same time. Banyough decided to help the player slay the hostile mobs until she accidentally attacked the creeper with a Diamond sword with Knockback, which resulted in the creeper's explosion as it was pushed closer to the player, causing the death of Neverlandse and spawning back to Icenia which was approximately 8000 blocks away. While panicking, Banyough proceeded to secure the player's items in a chest near the scene where the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, Metriximor and Hills4Real exaggerated the situation and made it seem as if Banyough intended to kill the player by sending messages[2] in the Lambat in-game group chat and posted low-quality, manipulated screenshots[3] in the discord server stating that Banyough has murdered a newfriend. The conversation kept going in the Lambat internal channel, and Metriximor on one message mentioned "We need more newfriend killers in this world" and from then, Banyough was given the nickname "banyough the newfriend killer" or "BNK" which kept going for months until it was forgotten.

Metriximor's badly-edited screenshot of Banyough's message while she was streaming.

Banyough, at the same day, collected the player's items from the chest where it was stored and delivered them to Icenia where the player spawned, and the issue was settled informally by local chat and she proceeded to jump off a building and drown herself to spawn back to her house in Lambat.

Banyough sailing with sentient broayou in March 2, 2022
Banyough sailing with sentient broayou in March 2, 2022


In CivRev banyough was online very often, first founding the Kingdom of Wacc with Metriximor and then later Lusitania. When CivRevolution 2.0 came out she kept playing on it along with her sentient alt broayou, very often being the sole player online.


Banyough is mainly active in Lusitania, while maintaining a presence in Lambat through occasional participation in the local economy.


In CivClassic, she was responsible for most of the early structures in Lambat City, most notably the Executive Palace of the Lambatan President, the unfinished Mega-Jollibee, her own home Casa Garcia and Casa Garcia Dois, her Lusitan vacation home Casa Luís Tânia and decorating the interior of the Palácio D'Ouro. Banyough is also known for having built the L Line in record time.

At exactly 3:58AM (GMT+8) in the 8th of July, 2022, Banyough has completed the L-Line 2.0[4] with the help of Metriximor, Kaprediem, and AKJanklin. The digging of the tunnel started at the second week of the server. The line has reinforced deepslate floors, rails and redstone torches.


  • Was involved in the You're a potato incident
  • She is regularly accused of being a Newfriend Killer.
  • Banyough is claimed to be the slave of CommradePotatoe in CivClassic 2.0.
  • She is one of the most active Lambatan citizens, spending a lot of time on Lambat voice chat.
  • Her name was inspired by the tagalog name for bathroom.
  • Was the real life owner of Charlie Vabin.
  • She has dug more than 10000 blocks (distance) of a 3x5 rail tunnel in CivClassic 2.0 known as the L-Line. Meanwhile in CivMC, she has dug the 6000 block 1x2 rail tunnel (aka the L-Line 2) in less than 1 week in total since the second week of the server's release.


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