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CivCraft Ethnic Groups are social groups within various CivCraft off chute servers. They are usually tied together by a common set of mannerisms, outlook, and memes as opposed to actual ethnic groups which are tied together by race, language, nationality, or culture.[1] In this way, CivCraft ethnic groups are more like fandom, subcultures, or friend circles rather than conventional ethnic groups.

Noteworthy CivCraft Ethnic Groups


Channers are users that come from the image board 4chan. Commonly from /pol/ and /v/ (or /vg/) but users come from other boards such as /a/, /jp/, /k/, /tg/, and /v/. Channers are a widespread ethnic group, rarely do they organize under a single state, such as with Confederation of Chanada or the Chanseatic State. Several existing states have leaders or leadership that are ethnically channers such as Icenia,Yoahtl, Blockchainistan,and Butternut.


Gaining prominence during the Infinity War, the zoomers are a relatively new group that's popped up, with most users from this group joining during the duration of the war. Most of them would also join Rhode Island on CivMC and participate in the Generic War, getting banned along with the rest of Rhode Islanders.


Sovians are the players typically involved in the nation of Sovia across various iterations of Civ servers. Besides Sovia proper, they can be found involved in many other nations, with the nation of Icarus being considered a sister nation of Sovia's. More information can be found here .

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