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Astoria is a Representative Constitutional Monarchy planned for Civcraft 4.0 First Light. The nation of Astoria is centered around the capital city of Astoria, a dense urban centre based on 1920s-1950s American cities, and hopes to be a centre for trade, Template:NATION TEMPLATEdiplomacy, and international business. Astoria is a mostly alpine region geographically, but the capital lies on lowlands and a delta. 

The current most popular concept of the government of Astoria consists of three main branches: The Crown, The Congress, and the Court. The Crown consists of the King as head executive who oversees elections and can implement executive decrees and propose legislation to the legislature. The Congress is the main legislative body charge of creating and ratifying laws, along with making trade agreements by the Court official. Elected by citizens as county representatives that can pass legislation. The Court consists of the Prime Minister, who is the Chief Justice of the judicial system and will also the head of all foreign affairs, along with the King, as well as enforcing laws. However, at the moment the government has not yet been formally established in a constitution. As such, a temporary government council has been formed to ease the process of creating an entirely new government. Once the new government has been formed, the four councilman will abdicate and the new government will take place.