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The Soria Crisis was a territorial dispute on CivClassic 2.0 regarding the status of the remnants of Magna Soria.


Magna Soria was a small nation in the deep +,-, located in the Palmyran Desert. It had extensive ties with the nearby nations of Hia Mek and Pinegarden Commonwealth, which led it to join the then-fledgling NWO alliance on August 6th, 2021. However, one of Magna Soria's leaders, DeChatillon, ran into real life commitments. This, combined with a lack of interest in further play from Patchie_Man, caused the leaders to decide to dissolve the nation on August 15th, 2021.

The region was effectively terra nullius until the following month, when the Icenian citizen Farifala claimed over Soria and a significant area surrounding it. He would name his claim "The Islamic Caliphate", in reference to his Islamic beliefs. In the meantime, a new nation (and another NWO member), Äggland, claimed a region directly south of the Caliphate. They named the territory Kaphae. To the north, the Columbian player Asuramaru claimed another wide stretch of the Palmyran desert, intending on constructing a world border vault. Formerly a quasi-independent state named Avantheim, it would be merged to Columbia in September as the province of "East Columbia".


Around the time Äggland colonized Kaphae, its King, Iceboy_Board, noticed the town of Soria to his north. He learned about its heritage as a former NWO nation, and liked the town's architecture. Iceboy_Board attempted to get a hold of Farifala with the intent to purchase the town. However, real life circumstances got in the way of a reply.

Growing impatient, and believing Farifala was inactive, Äggland decided to occupy the town. With Caliphate forces not forthcoming, Äggland occupied Soria on October 14th.


Soria Crisis
DateOctober 14th - October 26th 2021
Northern half of the world
Result Jollington being kicked from NWO, Partyland and Äggland leaving. Ägglands diplomatic ties with Nyasaland and Jomsviking being cut of.
Lavaland Colony (Äggland) being sold back to Nyasaland.

Actively fighting:

Political Support:

  • Islamic Caliphate
  • Columbia East Columbia
  •  Acadia
  • Commanders and leaders

    Actively fighting:

    Political Support:

    Actively fighting:

    Political support:

    2 engaged Unknown, at least 2 engaged
    Casualties and losses
    2 pearled None

    The bloodless conflict heated up upon the entry of Asuramaru on the night of October 15th. Asuramaru decided to intervene on behalf of the Caliphate, without asking them. Asuramaru engaged and attacked Iceboy_Board in the desert, pearling him and taking his pearl to the East Columbian vault, "Rhea". This would result in considerable amounts of chaotic Discord PVP during the early morning hours of October 16th.

    Immediate condemnations from NWO and NDI nations were issued, and a motion to ban Asuramaru from member states was drafted. At the same time, Asuramaru banned all citizens of NWO member states from entering East Columbia (later retracted to only Alliance Spokesperson Mushroomfly, Deputy Spokesperson MemeMan0 and SinjoroJoCrafter, who had proposed the resolution). They contacted Patchie_Man, due to his status as the owner of the existing Sorian NameLayer groups. He agreed to transfer Sorian groups to Iceboy_Board.

    In the meantime, the Discord PVP heated up, resulting in various character attacks against both sides of the dispute. During the afternoon, the uninvolved Acadian citizen _Iron suddenly entered Jolington and pearled SinjoroJoCrafter. He too was taken to Rhea, and was upgraded to a Prison Pearl. After this the conflict prety much stopped, SinjoroJoCrafter was freed 9 hours later and IceBoy_Board was freed on the 26th October ending the Crisis.

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