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This is a list of civ servers that are confirmed to be in development or being worked on in some way but are yet to have a full release. A list of currently running servers as well as past servers are on the Main Page.


CivVie is a civ server that is planned to be released on Minecraft 1.19 by Zombie Striker. Their subreddit is r/CivVie and they can also be contacted on their Discord: CivVie aims to be a faithful addition to the Civ genre while also rewritting the plugins to be be less taxing on server resources, via the combining of them into one singular plugin that will be easier to update, while also adapting features from previous servers into it. There is currently no ETA on release however it has been worked on for the previous few months.[1]


CivReign was first announced on Reddit in November 2021.[2] Their subreddit is /r/CivReign/ and they can also be contacted on their Discord A closed alpha was planned to start on the 22nd of January 2022, but development stagnated for a bit until a merger with CivRev under the organization CivUnion. The team launched an open beta on April 9th, 2022, at 12pm EST.[3][4] This beta brought a new plugin to the genre called Descent which was interesting at first but then stagnated due to problems with its coding and interaction with the server. The first beta eventually fizzled out with news of a second beta being developed which hopes to improve upon many aspects of civ and ultimately have a smoother launch than the first beta.[5][6]


CivPortals is planned to be a modded 1.12.2 server mainly based on the Terracotta Dimensions Mod, it is being developed by SinjoroJoCrafter.[7] There's a public Discord at

CivUniverse 2.0

The second CivUniverse iteration is being worked on by ian_X12. CivU has a website, a subreddit /r/CivUniverse/ and a Discord Ian has talked about the work to update plugins to 1.18 and that the new server "will include elements of nationbuilding not seen on prior iterations".[8]


CivEternal is a server that Eckie plans to release on 1.12.2 with 1.8 PvP. An open beta was originally meant to be released in November but was repeatedly pushed back.[9] The official discord is at


CivCubed was announced May 2023[10] to be in development, planning to be a 1.20.1 server. The goal of CivCubed is to rethink Civ from scratch, featuring zero existing plugins from mainline Civ servers. They have a discord at


TempCiv plans to be a hardcore, week-long, one hour per day civilization experiment with a small map of 2000x2000, although it may not actually count as a civ server as it won't be running most of the traditional civ plugins, they have a discord at .