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Pre-Pandastical History

The island of Pickett's Rock is a tall, mountainous one. Although it does possess several beaches at sea level, most of the land is high at around 120 blocks Y, and many higher. The island once belonged to Appomattox, who built a large wheat farm there, along with small structures, all to the east. However, when Appomattox fell, the island would remain unsettled until the arrival of Pandastical.

Pandastical History

Early Pandastical History

Pandastical would arrive on the island and claim it around the 13th of June, 2021. He found the island horrendously mountainous, and so settled in the west where there was a valley to provide for easier building. He would first settle in a cave, before building a large log house that would become the Aussieland Homeless Shelter. He would also dig into a nearby mountain and created a storage there, along with furnaces. Soon more buildings would come; Fort Texas would be built in the Northwest, and a road would connect the rural prior Appomattox farms to the newly settled west. The west would originally be named the city of Perth, but would be renamed to Berg, or 'mountain' in German.

Pandastical would have several different plans for Aussieland. Originally he thought of it as a singular independent state. His plans would be written down in this prototype constitution, consisting of a duca and an elected chancellor. However, he would soon change his mind. Pandastical had been a founding member of the Hyperborean Confederation in Civ Universe, and thought of replicating it in Civ Classics. He would change some things, notably making it highly resemble the extremely non-central structure of the Holy Roman Empire. States could declare war on one another and choose their own foreign policy, described in another prototype constitution. He even thought of making it an independent city state, as the full size of the island resembled that of major cities on the server like in Icenia. However, in July he would leave the country IRL and go on vacation, so those plans were put on hold.

During vacation, Pandastical realized that he was far too nervous of failure to start his own serious nation like that. So, instead, on July 29th 2021, the Treaty of Berg would have Aussieland join the Kingdom of Mythril. Aussieland would have some rights such as the right of secession, and would be ruled by the Duke; Pandastical. The Duchy of Aussieland remains part of Aussieland to this day.

A note of Pandastical history is that, in some ways, Pandastical would unintentionally kickstart the settling of Nuevo Luzon. While previously only being inhabited by Potistan and Lambat, soon a swarm of newfriend nations would come. The Tivian Socialist Democracy, CH1pr Empire, Mauritanie, and the Socialist Commune of Islands would sprout into existence after Aussieland.

Mythrillian Pandastical History

The Duchy of Aussieland would be the first state in Mythril, outside the central Crownlands. Pandastical would be a notable opponent of the Mythrillian monarch, Voguebadger, and the church worshipping her. Pandastical however was loyal to the state, and very active in discussions and advising the Monarchy in the Privy Council, her advisory board.