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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Mount September
Known ForMayor of Mt. Augusta
Mayor of Mt. September
Main ResidenceMtS
Civ Servers
Iterations played onCivClassics 2.0

Godomasta is a player who first joined on Devoted 3.0. He is the former mayor of Mount Augusta, and the current mayor of Mount September. In the religion of Canalism, he is second in line to be Pope.


Godomasta first joined the CivCraft community on Devoted 3.0. He played mainly with the USR, where he reached the rank of Chairman of the Worker's Assembly.[1] After serving his only term, he retired to a small port city called Gracemeria, previously inhabited only by JShatney, who intended to secede from the USR.

During the early CivClassic 2.0 map, he played in Tierra de Conciencia.[2] He eventually moved to Mt. Augusta, where he held multiple positions, including Secretary of Transportation, and a tenure as a judge. He eventually ran for mayor, winning a decisive victory. During his tenure as mayor, a cult of personality grew to surround him, calling themselves Godogang.[3] The subreddit r/The_Godo was created, which was banned by Reddit admins a few months later.

In late August 2020, he became a founding citizen of Mount September, where he served as Cup of Infrastructure until he was elected mayor on 28 February 2021. As Cup of Infrastructure, he kept a monthly property map,[4] which has since become a customary duty for Cups of Infrastructure.[5]