Finite War

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Finite War
DateNovember 25th, 2022 - December 11th, 2022

Ceasefire between Temporal Isles and Arnen; Arnen's destruction in the aftermath

  • Claiming of certain Ocalan territories by Arnen
  • Severe damage to Temporal Isles infrastructure


"The Coalition"


Commanders and leaders
  • Gwua
  • Gamer_Time69
  • Ch1pr
  • DockerImage
  • dredd_kiji
  • K0mmi
  • PhysicsGamer
  • Doommad
  • Amedy
  • IbisMan
  • IbisMan
  • Amedy
  • Strength

    ~12 involved individuals

    ~10 fighters at peak

    ~6 involved individuals

    ~5 fighters at peak
    Casualties and losses
    • 2 pearled, later freed on the same day

    • Ocalan skybunker and Temporal Isles vault both destroyed.
    • Temporal Isles and Ocala both ransacked.
    • 4 pearled, some later freed.
    • Ocala dissolved

    The Finite War, also known as the Arnen-Temporal Isles War, was a war on CivMC fought by the nation of Arnen (formerly supported by its ally Gang Shi) against Temporal Isles and its ally Valyria. It originated from hostilities between Arnen and Temporal Isles which faced a major escalation when Arnen came to the Temporal Isles and attempted to pearl Blu9710, the Chancellor of the Temporal Isles, over an offhand joke in a public channel.. It started on November 26th 2022, with an official declaration of war from Arnen and faced a climax with the destruction of the Temporal Isles vault and its complementary skybunker by Arnen and Gang Shi forces.


    After Temporal Isles peacefully seceded from Icenia, there was many rumblings internationally over what had happened. Some felt that PhysicsGamer should have been charged for his actions during the Generic War, including changing the groups of an icenian nether portal bunker to Rhode Island's groups. Verbal jabs were exchanged, and several incidents occurred that were of little note. During this time period, Valyria and Temporal Isles began to work together closely to build up infrastructure from perceived Icenian threats. Things finally reached a boiling point after Temporal Isles citizens began throwing eggs into the Icenian trench being built at the border to spawn mass amounts of chickens which tanked player FPS. Several Icenians expressed discontent and griefed Temporal Isles' small skybunker in response and a Gang Shi fighter known as Dark_Muffin also entered the territory, attacking PhysicsGamer, leading to a protracted fight between Dark_Muffin and a steadily increasing number of Temporal and Valyrian fighters. At this point, many were spectating the incident, and DockerImage built a deepslate skybridge towards Temporal Isles' bunker. On the skybridge, PhysicsGamer was able to pearl Tolype_Velleda, who had been firing upon Temporal fighters from the bridge. Temporal and Icenian leadership felt the tensions were getting too intense, and PhysicsGamer came to an agreement with ChrisChrispie in private for a mutual ban of Temporals and Icenians from one anothers' territory, with the intent to lift the ban when tensions cooled off. Due to this as well as another incident involving Yoahtl, Icenia stripped Gamer_Time69 of his citizenship in Icenia. Gamer_Time69 would later join Gang Shi due to the former connection with Titan Industries, later leading to Gang Shi involvement in the war. Gang Shitters: Ch1pR and Gamer Time69 would later enter Temporal Isles and Icenia and menace them more furthering Tensions.

    The SEC was still displeased with Kallos' role in the incident, and the decision was made to pearl DockerImage and hold him for a week for skybriding the Temporal Isles' skybunker. DockerImage was upset by the SEC's actions and thus decided to form his own nation free of SEC and AP oversight named Arnen.

    ChosenTwice Incident

    On November 23rd, 2022, Arnen fighters came to attempt to pearl Blu9710 over a joke made in a public channel. This attempt failed as Blu was not present at the time. A number of players were then brought into Temporal Isles for protection, who would later make an attempt on Arnen of their own accord. On November 25th, chosentwicelol and several other Estalian associates were caught on snitches in Arnen. Chosen was wanted in Icenia for killing a naked Bloomean a few months prior, and burning nearly 400d worth of wealth, and although reparations had been paid for said actions, the Icenian government still wanted his pearl, as he had not faced trial in the Icenian courts. There were also longstanding grudges dating back to CivClassics where many Icenians felt that Chosen hadn't received proper punishment for his crimes in Icenia. On CivClassics, Chosen had been given Icenian militia roles due to his longstanding affiliation with Mir when Icenia was being raided by Ez2Clutch, and instead of helping catch the raiders, he joined their crew. This event was known as March Madness and a video of this conflict can be found here.

    As a result of Chosen being involved with the raiding in Arnen, Icenia and the SEC formed a temporary coalition with Gang Shi and Arnen and sent a pvp force to intercept the raiders. A brief teamfight (seen here) ensued with Icenians opting to retreat to their nearby defensive infrastructure. At this point, Chosen and the remaining rogue Estalians kited to Temporal Isles, where it was discovered by onlookers that they had group access to the skybunker, which at this point had been upgraded into a small vault, and logged off for the night. This infuriated Icenia, as PhysicsGamer had previously been an Icenian senator who should've been aware of previous gripes with ChosenTwice. Conversations between the SEC and Temporal Isles ensued, with Icenia expressing its frustration at a POS player being given safe haven in Temporal Isles. The SEC was legally bound by its charter to pursue de-escalationism before declaring open war, and thus an agreement was struck that if ChosenTwice was removed from groups and told not to participate, Icenia would remain neutral in any further conflict that Gang Shi and Arnen would choose to pursue. This included removing Gang Shi and Arnen fighters from their groups and strictly policing the border they shared with Temporal Isles for any violations. Icenia also rapidly mobilized its pvp force and expedited construction of existing massive fortifications on the border of Temporal Isles due to the high density of farms related to XP production in that region.

    Conflict and Refugee Status

    After the extreme tensions of the night before, both Arnen and Temporal Isles released statements with their side of the story relating to the conflict. [1][2] Arnen described in their post the rogue Estalians who had broken into their bunker and demanded reps for the actions taken by these players. In Temporal Isles' post, they described that Chosen and the rogue Estalians had been hired as Arnen had come to attempt to pearl Blu9710, their Chancellor at the time, and had placed a unreinforced obsidian in the future site of their capitol building the night before, and Temporal Isles was seeking protection as a result of these actions, and leaked screenshots of Gang Shi having planned an attack with Arnen days before. Due to Arnen and Gang Shi's defensive agreement, Gang Shi also declared war on Temporal Isles after Arnen did when Gwua brought pumpkin pie as a gesture of peace on thanksgiving and was instead jumped by two Temporal Isles pvpers. Gang Shi pvpers flooded into the region, immediately dominating proceedings by pearling DefectedHeart, a Valyrian pvper who had come to assist his allies in Temporal Isles. At this point, the rogue Estalians minus Chosen returned to temporal isles to help with fighting, and several other Estalians who had been kicked out a few weeks prior for raiding also joined. The conflict seemed to be reaching a boiling point.

    When things seemed to be heating up for a prolonged siege of Temporal Isles' skybunker, which at this point had developed into a 2 ring vault with sky defenses, one of the rogue Estalians Tommy789 betrayed Temporal Isles and pearled two of their pvpers. At this point, Temporal Isles and Valyria, having been exhausted by the near-constant harassment by Gang Shi and Arnen fighters, failed to login to defend their vault as Gang Shi and Arnen forces rolled in and broke vault bastions and began disabling the vault. The attackers managed to destroy the vault on the same day, with Arnen forces coming back the next day and disabling all the remaining defensive infrastructure in Temporal Isles. Ch1pR would lead a series of solo and sometimes duo campaigns against Temporal Isles and successfully Pearling DefectedHeart a Valyrian PVPr after 3 engagements, seen here.

    PhysicsGamer put out a statement after the destruction of the Temporal Isles vault, agreeing to a reparations deal made by DockerImage in order to free the pearls of the Temporal Isles combatants, saying that he failed Temporal Isles and that he wished he had been able to defend the vault. This reparation deal, however, was later rejected after demands were made for primary owner on the group on which the vault was built, and became unnecessary when Gang Shi later left the war and released the pearls.

    Following this, the remaining Temporals including PhysicsGamer, the leader of Temporal Isles, and Valyrians fled to Pavia, where they were taken in as refugees and given Pavian citizenship. Pavian leader BritishWanderer made statements a number of times in global chat directed at Gang Shi that any attack on Pavian citizens, referring to the refugees, would invoke the Elysian Pact. Despite these statements, however, a number of Gang Shi combatants came to Pavia's vault multiple times, seeing PhysicsGamer on radar inside the vault, and lingering for a time in each instance.

    Gang Shi Leaving the War

    On November 28th, 2022, Gang Shi came forward with a proposal, if Consul PhysicsGamer would eat a pumpkin pie in front of Gamer_Time69, they would cease pursuit of the war. PhysicsGamer agreed, and awaited the arrival of Gang Shi players on the north side of Pavia's vault, while Pavians, Estalians, and Valyrians stood around PhysicsGamer in anticipation of the arrival of Gang Shi, ready to act if they made an attempt on his life. A Gang Shi convoy including Gamer_Time69 and jbblocker arrived in Pavia, and put forward the terms of the agreement, in which Gang Shi agrees to release Defectedheart, sentence Jaimiemie and Blu9710, and end Gang Shi involvement in the war, provided that PhysicsGamer ate the pumpkin pie. After 5 long minutes of conversation, PhysicsGamer ate the pie, officially ending the war with Gang Shi.

    Return to the Isles and Resurgence

    On November 29th, 2022, PhysicsGamer was contacted by K0mmi, who claimed to represent Arnen, regarding a cessation of the war, dropping all demands for peace terms. A white peace was quickly accepted by the Temporal Isles. Based on this, on December 4th, 2022, PhysicsGamer made the decision to return to the Temporal Isles, beginning to assess the damage and clean, destroying snitches found and removing grief. Quickly, he was instructed in direct messages by Arnen players including DockerImage and K0mmi to leave the vault, threatening to destroy the Temporal Isles. These demands were refused.

    Later that same day, Ocalan leader IbisMan arrived at the Arnen skybunker. He was told to leave and still remained near the skybunker, walking around the hole. After being followed by DockerImage for a time, IbisMan felt he was being pursued, so he potted up and engaged Docker, who quickly fled.[3] In response, Arnen elected to treat Ocala as a participant in the war, declaring war upon Ocala and continuing the war with the Temporal Isles after it was declined to peace out of the war separately from the Temporal Isles.

    Peace negotiations were attempted again on December 7th and 8th, 2022, with the Temporal Isles demanding that peace be made with all current belligerents at once, with Pavia agreeing to be a third party for a peace treaty. Arnen representative dredd_kiji eventually agreed to a unified settlement despite desiring to create settlements separately. A treaty in which all hostilities ceased, 32 diamonds in reparations would be paid to Arnen from Ocala, and a mutual ban of belligerent parties from one anothers' territories was drafted and verbally agreed to by all parties. However, on December 8th 2022 IbisMan was attacked by Arnen and Icenian figures on an Ocalan ice road to a nether portal owned by Icenia(though there had been an agreement for Ocala to retain use of the portal in exchange for Icenia holding groups on the portal) due to him being labeled as POS in Icenia, a non-participatory party, for attacking DockerImage in Arnen.[4] Due to this Arnen withdrew from peace agreements.

    End of the War

    Ocalan Attack Tunnel

    On December 10th, 2022, Shadno discovered 4 individuals nearby Icenia's nether portal bunker, IbisMan and Amedy, both Ocalan leadership, among them. DockerImage quickly arrived at the scene, and soon discovered an attack tunnel just blocks away from the bunker. Many Icenians soon arrived upon its discovery and began a counterattack and started disabling the attack tunnel. The counterattack was successful, and the Ocalan invaders were successfully pushed back with the tunnel being rendered unusable.

    Temporal Isles Theater

    A few hours after the failed attack tunnel, a teamfight ensued on a Temporal Isles island against IbisMan by Arnen and Icenian combatants. PhysicsGamer came upon the scene after seeing a large number of snitch hits at the border, and attempted to break up the fight, instructing the parties to separate and telling the Icenian and Arnen party to stay off of Temporal land, as negotiations with Icenian leadership for Ibis's pearl had already been underway. Slushhi crossed the border, anyway, and was KB'ed off of the land, resulting in more individuals moving on the land, and further KB attempts off of the land. During this time PhysicsGamer would be pearled by Slushii after falling into his own vault as a result of prior Gang Shi grief. Blu9710, a Temporal Isles citizen, would be pearled by IbisMan after an attempted betrayal.

    Destruction of the Ocalan Skybunker

    Arnen and Gang Shi forces soon rolled up on the Ocalan skybunker immediately following the fighting, which at this point held the pearls of Icenian citizen OnceDoceTrece and Temporal citizen Blu9710. Gwua and SquidHasTheBad would be pearled during the process, and the Ocalan cities infrastructure was heavily griefed. The siege on the skybunker lasted for a few hours, and was finally disabled near midnight. Temporals also came and looted an Ocalan bunker on orders from PhysicsGamer, with newfound resentment of IbisMan after the pearling of Blu9710, successfully freeing Blu9710 in the process.


    With the situation having been stagnant for a month at this point, and the leader of the Temporal Isles held by an officially non-participatory party in Icenia, and later Arsenio Pact, the war officially concluded on December 11th, 2022 and a ceasefire between Temporal Isles and Arnen was called. After PhysicsGamer's release in an agreement which did not involve Arnen, dredd_kiji and ErrorL chased PhysicsGamer, attacking and killing him in Pavia. Following diplomatic pressure by Icenia and others, the pearl was released, but a war declaration by Pavia, Imperial Federation, the remainder of the Elysian Pact, Temporal Isles, and Valyria spelled the destruction of Arnen in the Four Hour War. Kallos annexed Arnen's territories after dredd and Docker were pearled the next day, and dredd_kiji and DockerImage were sentenced to 2 months pearl time and reparations for damages both to PhysicsGamer during the initial killing in Pavia and to other parties involved.