Fourth Olympics

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Fourth Olympics
Host Nation Mount Augusta
MottoOn Mount Olympus Most August
OpeningAugust 14, 2019
ClosingAugust 18, 2019
PreviousThird Olympics
NextFifth Olympics

The Fourth Olympics were an international sporting and cultural event held on CivClassics 2.0 in and hosted by Mount Augusta, from the 14th to the 18th of August, 2019. Its official tagline was "On Mount Olympus Most August", a reference variously to its host location, timing and the idea of the Olympics.


They followed the Third Olympics, held in Gensokyo. It was during squareblob's mayorship that it emerged that Mount Augusta was looking to or going to host the next Olympics, but it was during AllenY's mayorship that most organisation took place and that they occurred, with the intervening mayoral period of citylion. The Olympics were organised under much the same lines as previous events, with contact with the Olympic Committee, and a few official organisers; the main three were AllenY, jasonbord and R3Y_J04N.

The preference to have it in August was influenced both by the similarity of the month's name to the city's name, but also related cultural activities, such as Foundation Day, celebrating the foundation of Mount Augusta on CivClassics 2.0, which coincided with the first day of the event.


A range of events occurred over the five days, from the 14th of August, a Wednesday, to the 18th, a Sunday.

Opening Ceremony

Dozens of players attended the Opening Ceremony. It opened with gathering at City Hall, where there was a brief speech by AllenY on a Discord voice channel, and the distribution of brews, followed by removing to Riverside around the Prism Hotel to view fireworks, with continued drink distribution. Around this time, Figasaur (an Icenian at the time) was killed, and claimed to be pearled, before it was revealed that he was not pearled, and had in fact arrived already pearled.