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His Imperial Majesty Emperor Spatula I's Royal Portrait.
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Holy Truidencian Empire
Known For
  • Emperor of the Second Truidencian Hegemonial Empire (Civclssic)
  • First Emperor of the Holy Truidencian Empire (CivMC)
  • Co-Founder of Anburon (CivClassic
  • Veteran of the Infinity War and War of the Coalition (CivClassic)
  • Mason of the the Order of St Marcus (CivClassic)
Main ResidenceNidaros
Known Spoken Languages
  • Norwegian
  • English
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Danish
Civ Servers
First Civ Server
Iterations played on
Photograph of Spatula to commemorate the end of the Infinity War.
A group photo of all of Spatula's accounts

Obtainable Spatula was Emperor of Imperial Truidence, successor to God-Emperor Bez. He ruled from Anburon and kept the realm prosperous after God-Emperor Bez's sudoku-related demise. He was coronated on the 14th of November 2020, and ruled Imperial Truidence until the end of CivClassic. He then founded the Holy Truidencian Empire and served as it's first Emperor, until his abdication on the 27th of February 2022.

History (CivClassic)

Early Life:

ObtainableSpatula took part in the initial settling of Anburon, and helped the fledgeling nation state construct its modest capital. Being elected to the first Senate of the Empire, Spatula took charge of the effort to write a constitutional document for Imperial Truidence, writing the majority of the early legislation that later ensured the judicial safety of the Truidencian people. During the summer of 2019, Senator Smarties proposed an elevated circular platform the city of Anburon should be constructed on, making the city appear fortified, with tall walls and a grid-based road system. Though voting against the proposal in the Senate session, the motion was passed. As it was now law, Spatula did a lot of the work on the elevated circle. Surprising no one, the international community found this circle quite amusing, and jokes such as calling the city a frisbee and saying "they made it 15 blocks higher" became common. During this, Spatula would move and settle the island of Eivindia, establishing the settlement of Ban Ard. After prominent player [Bgbba] made a video ridiculing the city went viral (at least within the confines of the civ community), Spatula took matters into his own hands, and the Senate passed a motion that saw the infamous frisbee abolished soon after. Bgbba later stated Anburon to be the most improved city on the server.

Participation in the Truidencian Renaissance:

Diplomacy and Creation of the UDF

Trouble in the Neighborhood and Operation Icarus

Military Career

Coronation and Reign as Emperor

Keeping the lights on

End of Civlassic

Final thoughts and Retirement

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Titles and Awards

Titles (CivClassic):

  • His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of The Second Truidencian Hegemonial Empire
  • King of the Mire
  • Settler of Eivindia
  • Suzerain of Dol Morhen
  • Imperator of the Kingslands
  • Baron of Bezistan
  •  Conqueror of Inis Muire
  • Sovereign of all Truidencian peoples
  • Suzerain of Besia, Bezlaib, Daedalus, Carrot Land, Westland, and Camelot
  • Minister of the Empire
  • Field Marshal of the Royal Army of His Grace Emperor Bez of Imperial Truidence and All Her Holdings
  • Chief Diplomat in the name of Bez
  • Senator of Imperial Truidence
  • Founding Member of Anburon
  • Founder of the Royal Imperial Army of The Second Truidencian Hegemonial Empire
  • First Carolean Standing Forever TallRoyal Guard to Emperor Bez I
  • Colonial Lord Protector of Downer Astonia

Awards (CivClassic):

  • Truidencian Medal of Golden Honor
  • Icenian Medal of Honor
  • Infinity War Veteran's Medal

Alliases and Accounts


  • His Imperial Majesty Spatula I
  • His Imperial Majesty
  • Obtainable Spatula
  • Obtainable
  • Spatula
  • Spat
  • ObtainableRAT
  • The Royal Dementia Patient
  • Communist Rogal Dorn
  • Horus Lupercal, Warmaster of Chaos

Alt Accounts:

  • ObtainableSpat
  • UnobtainableSpat
  • EmperorSpatula
  • SpatulaSaur

Gallery of Spatula's Build Designs

Most of these are original builds, but some borrow elements from pre-existing structures.


  • Has a CivTCG card based on him.
  • Has been pearled twice. Once by Corvus for 2 weeks for no reason, once for a few hours during the siege of the Holy Jaded Empire's vault the Best Western.

Illegality in Saudi Arabia

Obtainable Spatula is some shape or form illegal in Saudi Arabia, due to thinking the gays are based.