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What is Civcraft?

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The city-state of Mount Augusta on CivClassic 2.0

This is the player-created and curated wiki for the civilization genre of Minecraft servers. We chronicle the rise and fall of players, civilizations, and servers as well as documenting the mechanics that drive them. This wiki is 2266 days old and gladly welcomes volunteers and contributors, join us on the CivWiki Discord.

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Editing guides


  • Q: How do I create a page?

Search for desired page name and press the central red link. You must create an account to edit.

  • Q: How do I upload pictures?

There is an 'upload file' link in the left sidebar under 'Tools'. Try to have your filename contain keywords: Files can then be easily searched using Special:ListFiles or Special:NewFiles. Ensure you attribute images : This can be as simple as writing authors name in summary when uploading

  • Q: How do I format my page?

Click the help button in editor toolbar to see basic syntax of links and formatting. Use {{Template:Civilization}} for a basic template. For examples and inspiration find a page in the Model or Good Pages section (From CivClassic wiki) and press edit in the top right. Copy the item you want and surrounding brackets: i.e. {{infobox ... }}. Additionally, when creating info boxes try to keep consistent with categories and order of other info boxes. Some specific formatting examples can be found in Editing Guide#Tips