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Map of the town
Part ofPolynesia
Server IterationCivcraft 2.0
PopulationRoughly 15-21 before the end
Coordinates500, 7500
Local LanguagesEnglish, Swedish
Foundation DateEarly 2015

Volkstadt was the main city in /Pol/ynesia and one of the largest on Civcraft 2.0. It was a living city, in which all buildings were used and maintained, if they weren't they were torn down or sold off. Thus, the cityscape changed, grew, and shrank with the population. It was home to most of the government officials and was the place where all new players that were joining /Pol/ynesia were assimilated to the server. Though by area it may be smaller than many cities of similar size, the city had anywhere from 10 to 15 people on daily and had about 24/7 activity with a variety of people from different nations, including Sweden, England, Germany, Canada, the United States, and formerly a contingent of Belgians. English was the lingua franca and the dominant group of players were American fascists, monarchists, libertarians, and other members of the alternative Right Wing. The city was also heavily pro-Nox and anti-World Police and served as the cultural center for the eastern half of Chanada, with members of its community forming or joining many of the newer nations that had cropped up, notably Neustria, /K/ompound, Tygrus, and Spainland. Economically, it formed the beating heart of /Pol/ynesia's XP production and was a hub of trading and merchant activity that dominated the surrounding area.


Historically, /Pol/ynesia was grouped into outposts, where people lived to produce XP for farms. Volkstadt was Kolima territory, but after the burning of Kolima by Camokool, the Kolima-/Pol/ynesia Treaty of Friendship came into force, in which Kolima ceded half the forest biome in exchange for peace. Upon this biome was built the first tree farms and fields of what was originally a farming outpost. At first it was immerRichtig's responsibility, as the Minister of Agriculture under LuckyBlockz, while Himmler Highlands exploded in population and grew to be one of the larger cities in Chanada. Tigen, the second ruler and first official Mayor of Volkstadt came from Himmler Highlands to take the town over, during which time Himmler Highlands withered away and began to die, with the remaining members dwindling and ZombieFork (the then Mayor) abandoning his post.

Despite the lack of almost the entire government (Tigen was on vacation), immerRichtig made the decision to bring in new people and the most successful shill wave in /Pol/ynesian history occurred, bringing in 57 people in two days and exploding the population of Volkstadt beyond anything previously imagined. Among the recruits in the aftermath of this wave was the current Minister of Infrastructure and Burgermeister of Volkstadt, bgbba, who rapidly came to de facto power as temporary Mayor, building Volkstadt's longstanding walls and creating a new plan for development of the city. When Tigen returned, bgbba was put back in his place (after a few incidents) as not the mayor and came to be a de facto co-ruler of the town, working with Tigen to shape development of the blossoming city. Tigen's drive and ability to micromanage (Read: autism), as well as bgbba's ability to see a vision for the community (Read: autism), under immer's careful eye, created one of the great cities of the server.

Property and Laws

The creation of a dynamic town was a carefully crafted decision by the government of /Pol/ynesia, but largely pushed for and implemented by Tigen and bgbba. A few simple rules were put into place to control the pattern of development that ensured the town would remain dynamic and alive for months to come, while /V/ersailles, /V/iridian, and others withered and died. Originally, plots were determined by fiat of Tigen, or bgbba with his approval, but as time went by the system became more automated and less under the control of Tigen. Similarly, instead of relying on the beloved Mayor for shops, citizens began to take up the cause of making money themselves.

1. All property must be touching another, existing property.

2. Property is to be sold at a rate of one diamond per eight blocks, unless it is already built upon, in which case discounts will be given at the Mayor/Burgermeister's digression.

3. No new roads may be built by individuals unless it is adjacent to their existing property. Only the Mayor or Minister of Infrastructure may build roads without existing properties along them.

4. All size, shape, and purpose of properties are determined by the user, not the town. Make your own plot however you wish.

5. Citizens are restricted to one residential only plot, but can purchase plots for shops, non-citiens are restricted to one plot and must one meet the following criteria: the plot is a shop, the person plays in the town regularly, or the person has an alt with which they contribute to the town and the country. A person may live in the town as their primary residence but not be a citizen, but cannot own multiple plots.

Historical Incidents of Note

The demolition of Volkstadt Castle by bgbba: this is the watershed incident of bgbba's newfriend days. Where there is now a very nice building, there was once an unattractive castle that bgbba took a disliking to. The purpose of the town was to only have building that were used and the castle, which coated an entire mountain with stone brick armor plating with no reason for it, was an eyesore that he and others rallied around removing. Without asking immerRichtig, he blasted the castle until basically nothing remained after attempting to appoint numerous people as 'renovators' of the place, including Aukfear and Bubblint. Upon seeing the damage, Tigen exclaimed "Jesus christ, I thought that the chunks just weren't loading, but no, there's nothing left." in mumble. This nearly ended with the demotion of bgbba and could have potentially put a stop to his Civcraft career if the people advocating for his pearling had succeeded. Needless to say, bgbba apologized profusely and shaped up significantly afterwards.

The first, second, third, and fourth great fires of Volkstadt: unlike /V/ersailles, Volkstadt never had a major problem with arson, given that the primary building material in the town was brick. The first great fire was when Aufdenstadt and bgbba took down the Reichsmensch apartments, a relic of the Balgopal Era of building. When bgbba set the acacia wood floors alight, the fire spread and burned down Ben_g1's house, which was a three block wide flat in the neighboring alley. This resulted in the widening and rebuilding of Ben's home for the first of two times.

The second fire was when Tigen decided that the wool on the side of Sarahsbum's Masonry Store, formerly the Aufdenstadt Building, had been there for too long. Tigen's hatred of wool builds manifested in the many building codes he attempted to force through, all of which banned the use of wool as a primary or even secondary material in builds but was never well enforced. The resulting fire failed to burn the reinforced wool, but did burn down Ben_g1's house again, since whoever repaired it was lazy and forgot to reinforce.

The third great fire was irrelevant enough to have been lost to time. If anybody remembers, please tell. The likeliest candidate is the burning of Traviskun's house and the elimination of the last medieval-themed structure in town.

The fourth great fire was when Tigen and bgbba decided that the old Bunkhousen was ugly and out of place. Made entirely of dark oak planks, the bunkhouse had seen better days. Successive waves of newfriends had turned a once acceptably shitty build into the city's equivalent of a roach motel. Holes in the walls and floors, reinforced crap that hadn't been kicked out from months ago, various patches of strange colored wood and wool carpeting, and the result of a million halfassed repair jobs had rendered the landmark an absolute mess. Something had to be done. Taking a flint and steel, Tigen, bgbba, Asatarncasning, and a few others decided to burn down the top two floors, leaving the two or three underground levels alone. Naturally, this did not happen and the resulting fire ravaged downtown, cooking and killing Rick1011 (King of Spainland) and numerous other denizens who attempted to loot the chests and goodies hidden in the walls from four months of new players. The mad rush to get the scraps of iron ore, gold pickaxes, and other goodies picked the massive pit clean before the fire was even out. Though the Spainland Fire Patrol showed up to stop the blaze, the fire damaged the face of numerous buildings around the town, resulted in several deaths, and one of the funniest mumble recordings in /Pol/ynesian history as bgbba reflected on his poor choice of demolition methods while he nearly burned to death from the roof. Had the Aufdenstadt building and the Ore Exchange still had their wool faces, the entire downtown would have been flattened.