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The National Socialistic Empire of Polynesia
Official Flag of the 8th Reich
  • Volkstadt
  • Himmiler Highlands
  • Rockwell
  • Reichland
  • Wulfkhaine
  • Madgeburg
  • Luernberg
  • The Isle of Sor
Populationat one point 109, with about 30 active, mainly in Volkstadt.
GovernmentNational Socialist Benevolent Dictatorship
• Führer
• Vice-Führer and Minister of Labor
• Minister of Infrastructure
• Ministry of Production
• Minister of Defense
Preceded byChanada
  • English
  • Hochdeutsch

Polynesia (or /Pol/ynesia) was a nation on Civcraft 2.0 that was a Chan nation, one whose recruitment came from websites like 4chan and 8chan. Polynesia was at one point a part of Chanada before its collapse.

Foundation of Polynesia

Originally, Polynesia was started by two players known as LuckBlockZ_ and ZyklonBen whom attempted to start a colony east of Viridian and The International Islamic Republic of Intis, and succeed. Founded in the barren wastelands of the desert, many hardships were induced when setting the foundations of Polyensia, including hardship in growth of food supply, which took 12 hours of grow time in the desert. After the foundations for life were set, LuckBlockZ_ And ZyklonBen had decided to keep Polynesia a rather private city and only accessible to fellow Chanadians. Early on, the build team took the Nation Socialistic ideology to govern the land. This was proven to be tough until new-friends joined and a hierarchy was formed.

Recruitment soon picked up for the newly founded city, with many soon to be leaders joining at this time such as: NanoTech1, josiah123456789, Moscow, Mcripfist_00, ImmerRichTig, Camokool, Starz1. During recruitment ZyklonBen – the co-founder of polynesia went inactive.


As of early Febuary 2015, LuckyBlockZ_ denounce the title of "Führer" and leadership of Polynesia due to inactivity. LuckyBlockZ_ named his successor - Nanotech1, who was the Führer of Polynesia until early April 2015. In the time of need, the title of Führer may be passed down to keep the nation strong and alive. Whether a player decides to leave - Führer or not, Polynesia will make sure the governing body and citizens are left in good hands that will not self-destroy or damage the nation.

This was illustrated by NanoTech1's resignation as Führer under the pressure of the populace, elevating immerRichtig in his place.

Government and Towns

/Pol/ynesia runs itself through a handful of semi-independent states, each with a governor responsible for development and resource management, and a central government structure to coordinate things from the top. The Führer is immerRichtig. Below him is OutcastMephisto, the Minister of Labor and Vice-Führer. The Minister of Infrastructure is bgbba. Based_Mosley and Sburc009 jointly head a Ministry of Production. Camokool retains his position of Minister of Defense despite resigning as Second-in-Command.

There are five states and two colonies, as well as one unsettled and ungoverned wilderness claim. States: Volkstadt, Reichland, Himmler Highlands, Rockwell, and Wulfkhaine. Colonies: Madgeburg and the Isle of Sor. Above Sor, there is also an island that is unorganized and has no development at all.

States and Colonies


The most populous state, nearly all citizens live within the walled city of Volkstadt. All manner of shops, apartments for new members, and grinder facilities are located in Volkstadt State, which also includes the Sand Mining Island. Also a massive railroad hub, arrivals from Kolima to the North; Madgeburg and Sor to the East; Wulfkhaine, Spainland, the Nether, Neustria, Yoahtl, Proletarska, and the /K/ompound to the South, and the Reich Tower, Versailles, and other areas to the West, the town sports a major train station, multiple ice roads, and numerous rail lines.

Run by bgbba, the third mayor, the town has changed hands a few times. The town prides itself on activity and every building having a use. As such, the town is constantly under redevelopment and the building character changes as quickly as the town population.


No longer inhabited by anybody, the Reichland is still the heart of /Pol/ynesia, mainly centered around the Reich Tower. Factories of all sorts, vaults, horse pens, deep bunkers, and public facilities are centered around the tower or located inside it. This industrial capacity is slowly draining away and as factories are culled, they are being remade in Volkstadt. It is run by whoever the current Führer is.

Himmler Highlands

Zombiefork21's settlement, the former Minister of Infrastructure's state is centered around a massive castle. Few people still live in the Highlands, in fact only BanjoJamboree remains active. The town is essentially abandoned.


The newest town, Rockwell is run by immerRichtig. Not as densely populated as Volkstadt or as developed as Himmler Highlands or the Reichland, it is completely abandoned. It will also house the Pan-Chan Olympics.


The protectorate, had a burst of population but then withered and died in the course of about two weeks.


Camokool's project for exp, and an abandoned plan to connect polynesia to Mount.Augusta by road.

The Isle of Sor

No development beyond an auto-farm for pumpkins, the final colony is run by bgbba. It is too remote to allow new settlers and it is unlikely that anybody will ever live there.

Common Folk legend and tales

The final starvation solution

The first wave of new-friends saw a implosion in agricultural demand, with many newly founded starving citizens, after the new influx of new-friends, a member known as El_Xatu had coincidentally dug a tunnel from Polynesia to Intis, shortly after he had a brilliant idea, an idea which he shared with Camokool, after a nimble discussion, the two decided to frequently raid, harvest and replant the public wheat land of Intis in order to supply food to the new state, with great success, the two raided up to approx. 9.5 double chests of wheat until Polynesia could sustain architectural demand.The two "wheat bandits" were never caught as they made sure to replant the fields at all cost. According to mythic runes and folk law, the tunnel still remains present to this day where members of Polynesia raid Intis's pumpkin and melon farms.

The bill gates incident, And the formation of the first Government

A rare image of the player Camokool burning down a neighboring township

Shortly after Polynesia had picked up many new friends, a player who had been demanding reparations after the Fuhrer had supposedly committed a crime in a distant nation lurked Polynesia. The user BillGates (Citation needed) often shouted into chat “100 d or Lucky's head”, with Polynesian's actively defending lucky, soon a phrase was coined as players refused to co-operate with Billgates demands, “You cannot cuck the luck!” one Polynesian said aloud. After a vast hours of harassment, a total of 7 Polynesians exited the base and decided to hunt down and surround BillGates, whom was in Prot4 amour. Without hesitation, they beat him with common items such as sticks and potato's, along with this the Polynesian's used psychological warfare to their advantage shouting “KILL THE JUDEN!”. Stunned by the honorably and courage of the naked and poor Polynesians, he requested diplomatic sanction. After requesting 100 diamonds from LuckyBlockZ_, Lucky came out and stated that the crimes he committed where ill-regarded and unjust in terms of punishment, and handed over only 15 diamonds as reparations, to his surprise, BillGates had accepted the offer and apologized for the harassment. As he left the realm of Polyensia, the new-friends shouted “You cannot cuck the luck!” repeatedly, to anyone's surprise, this saw the sealing of bro-hood between the players of polynesia and induced the most euphoric of fraternities in all of Chanada known as the Polynesian government.