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Bananagod8D, or simply known as Banana has a long history on Civ, though most of it is brewing, there is some other things he had achieved during his time, he has given us a spreadsheet and over all wants the improvement of brewery from a community and development side.


Civ 2.0

Bananagod8D started as a newfriend in Civcraft 2.0 and wondered a bit, doing minor odd jobs to learn civ.

Civ 3.0

In Civcraft 3.0 helped with Etherium for the short period that iteration existed helping factory direction.

Devoted 2.0 or 3.0

Banana has played a bit on Devoted as well and helped along with tkon for a short period of time while trying to help them fit well into the server. Tkon at the time was under the vassalage of ComradeNick. For a little bit it seemed like they worked together well, however little by little the cracks showed to Banana and either side was unwilling to listen to him about the instability so he absconded away. Banana ran to Thule to later find out Tkon revolted and pearled Comradenick as expected by him. Unable to achieve such a lofty goal he was disheartened but learned from a citizen of Thule how to brew which was the start of a long going obsession.

CivClassic 2.0

CivClassic comes around and Banana joins Impasse to start, little bit after the start of CivClassic the brewery plug-in is added and he brings Zombozo into a joint brewing along with Pinkysavenger to help with farming for mats and eventual builder for main brewery. Brewing started off small and kept small, however Banana pushed for more brewers and with it he would join a few nations to help push his want for brewing and to share this joy. He later added more people from different nations to his group, Phant, Devourerqueennaz, malkizdak, EvasiveObject, Crimeo, bellamorte. Eventually he would join Lexington in his journey of adding people to brewing and increase business.

He then gets stuck with the inbetween The Commonwealth and Lexington’s conflict which got turned into the Somber War. Midway through the Somber War, Banana had a break during a vault defense and pearled TangentialThreat. After quite a bit of time of vault defense Banana had enough brewing material to feel confident enough to release it, he felt as if there needed to be a boost to information on brewing to bring a bit of popularity to it, so while sitting around Lex’s vault he posted his first spreadsheet, even cut away from the world he still worked on brewing along with the employees that kept out of the war.

With permission nearing the end of the war Bananagod leaves the vault. Surrenders himself to the enemy for a 2 week imprisonment using diplomacy promising to avoid any movement back to Lexington or any real military involvement. With Banana released he continues brewing and research even after the Somber War, keeping with business and eventually joining Wayrest and continuing his work. One year later would go on hiatus. Coming back he would join Valyria learning by chance by wandering of these newer faces not knowing of their past too much. By now most of his brewing facilities have started to decay and most of his employees no longer played. Playing in Valyria he would just try to keep them out of trouble for several months while continuing his brewing. Valyria’s leader was exiled pearled due to fighting against Mir and was having issues with its members going and causing issues, and problematic accusations on them. During this time he would continue teaching other nations how to brew, Gensokyo for the Gensokyo olympics and helped fund it with plenty of booze. While all this goes on there is constantly dilemmas of people trying to become part of conflict in different situations from shady alliances to fight Mir with Mount Augusta and other nations that join the alliance to fight NATO. Disagreements about building a vault in Valyria become an issue as well. Eventually Bananagod8D gets bored of civ and goes on hiatus and Valyria is left to its own devices.

Midway into Infinity War he is asked by a member in NATO to come help against their war on Mir and their allies, with still feeling a unbalance in power in Banana’s opinion so he came back, left Valyria not realizing the problems in the background but trying to keep them out of the way at the time before knowledge of knowing what was happening there, he did not let them know where he was going. Slowly learning that they did a full 180 and helping against NATO behind the scenes which was an increasing stack behind what Banana ends up doing during the war. Pretty much any sort of teachings went out the window for Valyria which was now apart of Columbia, a good target at this point for NATO; thus Bananagod8D went into unique tactics. Using the help of SugarMfFree, another disgruntled Valyrian citizen he would make it seem like they were back and wanting to help and play with Valyria all in the mean while try to get as many vault perms as they could. Eventually after enough time banana swapped accounts with them during the night and worked on making a hole in the snitch network to the vault. Few days after, he came back on with a group of NATO members and transferred loads of obsidian and reinforcement blocks to right outside the vault to begin his work. In the end he emptied out a good chunk of the vault destroying or stealing mats and then placing as much obsidian he could manage before someone noticed. When someone logged in he scurried away but it would be long after the war that they would realize he was the one who did this and not the player SugarMfFree. NATO would try to use this attack to alleviate some clicks but would have a loss of trying to push tunnels against the defenders losing a member or two during the skirmish. They later continued covering the city with obsidian while the vault was disabled for several weeks.

Bananagod8D continued brewing during the war with most the server not realizing he was in NATO, trading recipes and keeping in contact with the world. He later escape nearing the end of the war, leaving a few clues he existed there but not enough evidence to show at the time what he did there.


Banana moved to CivRealms for a very short period of time, mostly keeping active in the brewing guild discord, not much of note was done during this time. Nations he was while there was Cantina and Mount Augusta.


During CivUniverse after the infinity war some knew what was done during infinity war but no one at the time who truly cared or found it of use for them. While there he first started in Hibunshima, being invited there, but out of the lack of confidence of leadership there he left going to Wyvern for a more quiet setting. Banana used his knowledge of brewing to amass a large fortune there and gather a large amount of drinks, eventually being able to fund the entire Wyvern militia 2x over and still extremely wealthy, CivU did not last too long.

CivClassic Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

After the decline of the servers, CivClassic still stood and Bananagod plays again - plays once again in secrecy; on an alt, brewing and teaching others the ways of the craft that saw a massive decline in his absence. With his actions in the Infinity War coming to light to the general public, Banana chooses to remain in the shadows - playing in a way to keep himself from being pearled for what he fought for.


  • In Civ 3.0, Banana had a secret bunker with a few etherium citizens and had nearly had the first full prot set of the Jungle shard having 3/4 of the set, with a god bow and a god sword.