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Flag of Discord
Banner of Discord
Location6330, -1250 (Civcraft 2.0)
Activity levelhad a population of around 8 at one point
Governing documentFounding Discord
• Founder/Curator

Discord was founded June 11th, 2015.[1] It was formed to act as a political experiment, the goal was to see what formed from nothing other than a few vague guidelines.

Founding Document

The Settlement of Discord

This document will outline the founding of Discord and the stipulations that come with the experiment.

Discord is located at 6330, -1250 (rail access at 6213, -1363 via the CIC Blue Line [warning it isn't a stop, just a ladder down to the rail]).

The idea behind the Settlement of Discord is that it shall be free to evolve politically however it's residents choose. It is meant to serve as a political experiment.

To begin all legislation will be passed by a simple majority (51%) by residents of Discord. All legislation can begin being passed once three residents have established themselves.

It has a few rules to begin with which cannot be voided:

   - No unjust killing. What "unjust" is defined as is up to the residents.
   - No theft. Don't steal people's things. 
   - No griefing. Don't break/destroy existing buildings without expressed permission from their owners.
   - No expansion of land claims beyond the island. This means that the current waterline is the end of Discord's land claims (Note: Discord's claims do not include the bridge to the south-east which connects to Fellowship owned land).

Beyond these rules it is up to the residents to decide how the town is shaped.

Due to Fellowship ceding the land to make this experiment possible they are enacting the following restrictions:[2]

   * No attacking/declaring war on Fellowship
   * Discord cannot join any existing or future empire, country, or civilization (i.e. FSR, HKE, SPQR, etc.).
   * The castle on the northern edge of the island is a Fellowship embassy/is owned by Fellowship.

If any of these clauses are breached or if rule #4 is breached then the land will be ceded back to Fellowship and Discord disbanded.

My role in this experiment will be to watch and observe; I will not take any action other than to curate the subreddit for the settlement.

With that I open the doors and invite you all to come join the experiment.

- Oreo