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3.Road Project
One of 3.Road's trademark roadways in the Eilon shard.
Activity levelInactive
• Founder
• Project Manager
Foundation date30th June 2016
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The 3.Road Project was a non-profit organisation on Civcraft: Worlds that aimed to create aesthetically pleasing shard-spanning roads to facilitate free trade and movement. It was founded by Kwikxilver in July 2016[1] and was based in the Eilon shard. 3.Road officially ceased operations when Civcraft: Worlds was shut down and members moved on to other projects.[2]



Initial Idea & Founding

After his experiences with the shard system in CivTemp, Kwikxilver realized that direct routes connecting shard portals would become incredibly important in the upcoming Civcraft: Worlds. In a thread posted by Lowtuff on the Civcraft subreddit on 22nd June 2016[3], Kwikxilver laid the foundation for the 3.Road Project when listing his plans:

"My secondary goal is to lay roads and highways throughout the shards of 3.0 as soon as possible, with the hope that people naturally build settlements and towns on them." - Kwikxilver, 22nd June 2016[4]

The project was officially launched with an announcement post on the 30th June 2016.[5] Following this, the group started gathering in a dedicated Slack channel to chat and discuss plans.

Early Days in Eilon

After the shaky, bug-filled beginning of Civcraft 3.0 in early August 2016 the 3.Road team grouped up in the Eilon shard and began looking for a place to set up shop. The nearby Kingdom of Alpoko, who had just announced claims in the shard, ceded a small parcel of land on their borders for 3.Road's headquarters to help the group to remain politically independent.

Gensokoyo & Padzahr Controversy

Ulca Felya Tunnels

Crossroads Marketplace

Premature Closing


3.Road's roadways were designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also being cheap and quick to deploy. The basic road design consisted of three single layer stone slabs, bordered on each end by stone bricks to form an accurate roadway.

Major Projects

3.Road's goal was originally to create roads connecting all of the shard portals together, so players could travel on safe, well-lit routes between shards. Work was conducted with a shard-by-shard approach - after setting up one set of roads in one shard, they would move on to the next one and focus efforts entirely on that shard. Unfortunately due to the early shutdown of Civcraft: Worlds, only two shards were touched by the project - the Forest shard Eilon, and the hostile cave shard Ulca Felya.


Eilon was the shard the 3.Road Project first set up in and was the first shard to have its portals fully linked up by roads.

  • ABD-PZR Road, connecting Abydos and Padzhar.
  • E-W Eilon Road, connecting the ABD-PZR Road in the West to Mount Augusta and the Ulca Felya Portal in the East.
  • Victoria Road, connecting the E-W Eilon Road to Victoria, a town of Volterra.

Ulca Felya

Ulca Felya, as the central shard of four starter shards (Eilon, Drakontas, Tjikko and Tigrillo), was an almost impassable object due to the difficulty of its mobs and its inhospitable cave environment. The 3.Road Project is in the process of upgrading the tunnels leading through Ulca Felya to each of these shards to be well lit, spacious and mob-free. The 3.Road Project is also facilitating development of a marketplace in the center of Ulca Felya at 0,0.

  • Tunnel Upgrades (Eilon, Drakontas, Tjikko, Tigrillo)
  • Ulca Felya Marketplace

3.Road Team Members

  • Kwikxilver - Founder
  • WormWizard - Project Manager
  • BuzzyJJ
  • rodentboy10
  • lionheartii
  • GayShark

Road Codes

To save space on road signs, 3.Road used a simplified 3 letter code system to refer to each shard.

  • ABD - Abydos (Desert)
  • DRK - Drakontas (Swamp)
  • EIL - Eilon (Forest)
  • ISL - Isolde (Ice Mountains)
  • NAU - Naunet (Ocean)
  • PZR - Padzahr (Spooky Forest)
  • RST - Rokko Steppe (Plains)
  • SHE - Sheol (Nether)
  • TIG - Tigrillo (Jungle)
  • TJK - Tjikko (Spruce Forest)
  • UFA - Ulca Felya (Cave)
  • VOL - Volans (Floating Island)
  • OVI - Ovid (End)