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Underground City-State
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Sanctuary was an underground city-state that existed during Civtemp in the Aleph shard, had some relevance during Civcraft 3.0 as a part of Haven and continued into the beginning of CivClassic in what is now Gensokyo before falling into inactivity. Started by GameNBurger, it was meant to be a hidden place that individuals could retreat to in times of international crisis - hence the name.


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CivTemp History

Aleph City

A street in Aleph City. Note the unfinished build.

In response to growing inactivity on CivTemp as the beginning of 3.0 loomed, and with GameNBurger nowhere to be seen, the residents of Sanctuary decided to move aboveground and create a "central city for CivTemp" and make the most of the little server population that was left. A call out for residents was made on the subreddit by the de facto leader of Sanctuary, Kwikxilver.

"The goal of Aleph City is to bring together the remaining inhabitants of CivTemp into one place to bring back a sense of community, and also to combine our resources to reach shared prosperity together. Even if this world is temporary, there's no reason we can't experience it together." - Kwikxilver, from the Aleph City announcement post.

Sanctuary's residents, including Aeroless, immediately set about moving above ground and creating houses and infrastructure at -772, -455 in the Aleph Shard. Newfriend houses were built, as well as a library within a parked RV and some factories. When they weren't building in Aleph City, Aeroless and some other former Sanctuary residents created roads across the Aleph shard, connecting disparate settlements to Aleph City.

Leaving the protection of Sanctuary quickly exposed the town to raiders though, and a two man raider crew was able to decimate the town and its infrastructure. The raiders were quickly driven off however, and the town attempted to rebuild.

On June 17th 2016, Kwikxilver awoke to find CivTemp had been taken down by the admins in preparation for 3.0, and Aleph City was gone. He made a post on the Aleph City subreddit to discuss plans for 3.0, and conversation quickly moved back to Sanctuary's future in the new world.

Civcraft 3.0 History

CivClassic History

Sanctuary was restarted by GameNBurger in the northeast quadrant of CivClassic in February 2018 with an announcement post on the subreddit. [1]