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The Dalgon-Nara Alliance, most frequently abbreviated as DNA, was a military and economic alliance on CivMC between the nations of Dalgon and Nara. The alliance ended once Dalgon was peacefully annexed by Nara.

Dalgon-Nara Alliance
World map showing alliance members in their claims map colours
Foundation date17th April 2022


Formed prior to the server's launch, the alliance was born following prior collaboration between SwordMaster7777 and fredhun14 from their time playing together in the nation of Caledonia on CivClassic. With Nara stepping down from the March Pact and prioritisng DNA at launch, the plan was to settle next to one another and collaborate on infrastructure and progression from the start of the server. No formal agreement was ever signed, with the two nations preferring to keep things simple.


Nara and Dalgon settled adjacent to one another, with their two captol cities of Shiroyama and Tronjheim only several hundred blocks apart. While claims were not posted immediately after SOTW, Nara tended to claim flat plains, while Dalgon claimed mountain ranges to construct their dwarven city underneath. Moving further south, geographic borders between the two nations get less distinct, though this has minimal impact due to their close co-operation.

Following their establishment, DNA along with much of the Alenarith Forum attempted to fight off the raiders Vah and Ez2Clutch, with much of the defense centred around the city of Shiroyama[1][2]. While not formally invoked, Dalgon came to the aid of Nara following their scattered conflicts with Gensokyo due to the Gensokyo-Nara Skirmish, disabling infrastructure belonging to Gensokyo around the nether portal in southern Dalgon[3]. Nara would later reciprocate this assistance by forming the Dalgon Organized Defence treaty with several other nations[4] to attempt to protect Dalgon from fallout following the ill-fated Speedy Coup and the involvement of a Dalgon government member in the attack[5]


The treaty was informally dissolved on 29 January 2024 when Dalgon was merged into Nara.

Informal Treaty Conditions

While the alliance lacks a formal treaty, it has several assumed conditions, formulated in practice rather than being enshrined in ink. These are:

Military and Economic Co-operation

The two nations share several critical factories between them, and collaborate on defensive infrastructure projects

Mutual Defence

The two nations will protect one another from external forces.

Mutual Citizenship

Citizenship in one nation allows for additional access in the other, though this is not assumed for every citizen.

Land Sharing

The nations allow for the usage of land (with approval) in the other nation for farms or other infrastructure. Key examples of this are seen in the Greltam Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) in northern Dalgon, and the large wheat farm in north-eastern Nara.