Cartesian Intelligence Agency

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Cartesian Intelligence Agency
HeadquartersMount September
Number of EmployeesFive
ParentCartesian Holdings
SubsidiariesOakenshieldt Group
  • General Surveillance
  • Snitch Networking
  • Player Identification
  • Private Services
Historical Data
Established in2020

Cartesian Intelligence Agency is a private organization under the care of Cartesian Holdings. It operates internationally, and is available to private individuals and groups in return for payment. It was created in 2020, and has seen activity rise and fall throughout that year. Currently, it is based out of Mount September.

The Agency has historically monitored activity from the now collapsed Mount Augusta nation. After the exodus of much of Mount Augusta to CivRealms 2.0 and CivUniverse, the city of Mount Augusta became divided between those who saw it fit to continue under the banners of Mount September and South Augusta, and those who wanted to maintain the city of Mount Augusta as a "museum" state under dictator rule. Some members, angry at what had become of the city, fought back against South Augusta (which was ruled by TheOrangeWizard). The Agency has seen fit to monitor the region for former Mount Augusta citizens and groups that believe violence and agitation are necessary to further their causes. Furthermore, the Agency is working to subvert Confederation of Socialist Augusta activity in the Augustan region.

The Cartesian Intelligence Agency also monitors the longstanding nineteen year war between Mount September and South Augusta[citation needed].

Oakenshieldt Group

Oakenshieldt Group currently exists as a paramilitary group operated under the Cartesian Intelligence Agency.