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A 2022 portrait of Cicero, showing his skin, which is made of baked beans.
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForVolterran Politician

Varkonian Politician

1.0 Oldfriend
Main ResidenceVolterra, Impendia
Civ Servers
First Civ Server CivCraft 1.0
Iterations played onCivCraft



Cicero, styled in-game as _Cicero_, is a Volterran politician. He is currently the Lord Paramount of Volterra, serving his 3rd term. He was a member of Jorvik's Council of Elders, a position he has held since the nation's inception. He is a former member for SPQR in CivCraft 1.0 and 2.0, and also a former member of Varkonia from Civclassics. During CivCraft 1.0 and 2.0, he played under the IGN ITIDeathGod.


Brief Civ Server History

Civcraft 1.0

Played under the IGN "ITIDeathGod" and joined 1.0 in January, 2013, with players such as Mark_Antony, Varkanos, HerbieVersmells, and Roma_Victor(Silianat) from a factions server known as MC Titan. Together with other migrants who have long been inactive, they founded 1.0 SPQR and were involved in the conflicts with Yugoslavia, Beunos Aires, and Gondolin(Aristopolis). Allied to Gondolin, SPQR fought on their side during the vaunted battle that became known as the "Valentine's Day Massacre." ITIDeathGod was among the combatants and was pearled by forces under ZombieLenin and Buenos Aires, alongside most of his allies. Realizing they could not hold the pearls for long, he was released the next day. SPQR was mostly peaceful for the rest of 1.0, except for some rogue HCF raiders in the city from time to time. He served as Censor of the city until the end of the server.

Trespassers from Buenos Aires squaring off with Gondolin and SPQR fighters right before the Valentine's Day Massacre began on 2/13/2013. Picture from Cicero's archives.

Civcraft 2.0

Still using ITIDeathGod(hereby referenced as 'ITI'), founded Solis with other 1.0 SPQR veterans. Serving in the Knights of St. John order, his group served as the backbone of Solis industry for the majority of the city's duration. Being allies of Gondolin's successor state, Minas Minas, they were subject to its many enemies. Suffering from constant griefing and threat of attack, life in Solis was difficult. During this time, he aided in pearling raiders that attacked Metroplis region with other allies on more than one occasion. He fought as a part of the Metro Marines that chased the Butter Brigade out of Minas Minas in July, 2013, resulting in many of the BB group being pearled. He also helped the city of Orion clear its significant obby grief following one of its many attacks. During various times in Solis, he held the position of Praetor, Censor, and Pro-Consul. During an internal incident, one of the elected Consuls, Ghalen37, was attacked by a citizen named JUPITERMAXIMUS and pearled over a trespassing dispute. ITI and another Knights of St. John member, Manabanana, attacked and pearled JUPITERMAXIMUS and freed the Consul.

After a dispute regarding alleged theft of Knights of St. John valuables by a member named Poopdish, ITI and xRiptidex griefed and destroyed their house in Solis. This act was illegal and ITI and xRiptidex were expelled from Solis and a bounty was placed on the both of them. Riptide was pearled by Solis forces and held for trial. ITI remained at large (and did not log in) while Mark_Antony fought to diplomatically resolve the issue. Eventually, the situation was resolved without further escalation. The bounty was voided and xRiptidex was freed. Riptide journeyed to Orion, where he eventually became a leader in the city. He extended an invitation to ITI to join the city, however, he declined and remained a citizen of Solis.

Eventually, Berge403 and the other leaders of Metropolis became inactive, which left Solis vulnerable to attack. By order of Mark_Antony, the city was abandoned, and Roma was founded far to the west, near -,- world border. Here, the city flourished with many new members and allies and ITI aided in building much of the early infrastructure. He attended the triumph and crowning of Mark_Antony as SPQR Emperor, which was attended by dozens of citizens from across the server. Sometime during this iteration, the account CiceroTheOrator was created as an alt, which eventually became _Cicero_.


Following the Somber War, Cicero was persuaded to play civ again after a 3 year absence by Varkanos and Mickale, Cicero joined Varkonia in 2018 and served as one of the city's founders. Eventually serving on the city's senate each month he ran and constructed over 1/3 of the city by the end of the server. He also helped dig the hole for VarkVault with many other Varkonian slaves.


Founding Jorvik

Sometime during the summer of 2022, Cicero submitted the initial claims for Jorvik as one of its founding members. He and Seldomshock were the first two people to make their way to the land that would become Jorvik on the first day of CivMC, June 02, 2022.

Council of Elders

Cicero served as a Councillor on the Jorvik Council of Elders with Mickale, Seldomshock, and Longboyy(BigBrainiac). They're a group of locally renowned Jorvikson Patriarchs who contribute towards steering the direction of the Jarldom. He held this position until Jorvik became a vassal state of Volterra.


Cicero migrated with the other residents of Jorvik to the jungles of shallow -,- and founded the nation of Volterra. Since the nation's founding, he served on the senate five times, being elected Lord Paramount three of these times. He is a member of the Shockton Prosperity Party (SPP) alongside ItzHoover, Seldomshock, and Highboy. He has contributed to much of the nation's infrastructure, buildings, laws, culture, and diplomacy.