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Flag of Talmberg
File:Talmberg Banner.png
Banner of Talmberg
LocationPrivate as of September 2022
Activity levelHigh as of September 2022
Capital cityTalmberg
National Colors
GovernmentDemocratic semi-collectivism
Governing documentNone
• Leader
Foundation dateJanuary 13 2022
Foundation documentUnknown
Preceded byNone
LanguageEnglish, Polish
A view of Talmberg on June 19 2022

Talmberg is a city-state on Vintage Civ. It is led by Polskizoldak and is multilingual. It is one of the largest cities on VintageCiv 2.0.


Talmberg was founded in January 2022th, after the first reset of the map. Initially it was located at -2150, 340, where Polskizoldak renovated ruin of the temple, but after gathering resources and first citizens settlement was moved to a unknown location. Talmberg was one of the first city-states on Vintage Civ 1.0 to reach the steel age. City was known for trading with large amounts of meteoric iron tools before the Plaic Incident.

Main historical events: (From Polskizoldak on Discord) [1]

" First migration - migration from first location near temple to the Mountains of 20 degrees (known of their low temperature allowing to plant cabbages or rye)

Second Migration - after Plaic incident it was decided to finally move to the new location of city, which was better for building a proper town.

Grand Expansion period - period of great discoveries and repairing a lot of translocators, with one teleporting nearly 10-15k blocks away. "

According to Polskizoldak, after the Plaic Incident there was a great amount of support provided to Talmberg from another nation on Vintage Civ, that nation being Sun [2]


Invite to the Talmberg Discord server May 24 2022 [3]

" Hello players of Vintage Civ! Have you ever been seeking for a friendly group of people to play together with?

A view of Talmberg on June 10 1387

Come join Talmberg, where all are wealthy! Members share valuables with each other rather than hoard them from each other, making it the economically superior choice to join. Accidentally logged off with the only set plugs? No worries! Just write it in our warehouse channel so we know when it's coming back. We already have dedicated farmers, cooks, builders, and miners, and would love if you'd join in the fun! Talmberg members are not greedy and do not destroy people's things, and have already been making many allies! "

Talmberg is one of two largest cities in the whole Vintage Civ server, the other one being Kindread Clan.

Since the beginning of Vintage Civ 2.0 Talmberg continued its legacy. Choosing a place for city lasted for first few days of VintageCiv 2.0, after which building of Talmberg began. First Talmberg's buildings were "Bush43's castle", "Vintage Kitchen" and First Warehouse (which does not exist anymore). City continued to grow and the next step of its expansion began in July 2022, with building of Talmberg's Industrial Complex, which was the first such object on the server, and as of September 2022, it remains the only such monumental and technologically advanced object.


The city's economy is largely based on selling tools and other products of the metal industry to traders.

Members share valuables with each other rather than hoard them from each other, making it the economically superior choice to join. [4]