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This page is for purposes in timekeeping and looking back on Vintage Civ's 1.0 world history after 2.0 launched, supposedly being the definitive version of Vintage Civ for at least a couple years ahead of time.

For the first two days of its existence, Vintage Civ ran a test server as the admins added more plugins to the server and tested their stability in-game. Happy with their modlist, the official beta was launched on January 4, 2022, which the admins planned to run for 4-6 months or longer.

1.0 History

The first days of the server were marked by exploration and the foundation of the server's largest town so far: Pond Scum. Named after the ponds that attracted the founders to it for farming purposes, the town boasts an unofficial population of 10-15 residents (most of the server's early playerbase).[1]Other early but smaller villages founded in the first week of the server include Veii (founded by the owner of the server himself) and the Shitshack Commune.

As players explored more of the map (which has a radius of at least 22k blocks), some chunks were discovered to generate large out-of-place pillars of rock and dirt. Dubbed "Cliffs of Insanity," the community as a whole voted to keep them until the end of the beta.

After updating to 1.16, a bug was discovered which completely deleted entire chunks and crashed the game when trying to open some chests or clay vessels. A vote took place where players voted to either restart the map and start 1.0, or to continue the beta with all the bugs, which the admin team could not fix or did not have the time to[2]; the vote ended with a vast majority of players voting for a server restart, kickstarting the official launch of the server to 1.0[3].

An example of the cliffs of insanity in 1.0

1.0 World History

Launching on January 13th, 2022, the 1.0 Version of Vintage Civ began.

Little events of importance happened during the first week as player groups were only beginning to establish themselves. Nations and player groups who had their origins in older servers such CivCraft and CivClassic found new homes in Vintage Civ 1.0. Many veteran Minecraft Civ players finding the differences of Vintage Story (Vintage Civ too) to Minecraft greatly altering how players aswell as towns interacted and managed resources.

Channers-Bastion conflicts

A large amount of controversy and internal feuding occurred in the first couple weeks of March 2022. The main subjects of these feuds was the town of Bastion, and the town of Green Spice (or Chan Town).

Green Spice as of March 21. Notice the tower in the middle of the picture being moderately destroyed and a number of random blocks and holes being present around the screenshot.

It started when Bastion resident Xorberax was lured into a room by another player from Chan Town and was trapped there for an undisclosed amount of time. Xorberax hit the door, trying to leave where he was stuck [4]. What Xorberax did apparently made the Channer upset enough to shackle [5] Xorberax for what he did, sparking a much larger series of events. After the mechanics of shacklegear were updated in the server, Xorberax was then released from the shackle due to the Channers not being familiar with the mechanics of refueling a shacklegear after the update [6].

After his unintended release, he decided to threaten the town of Green Spice claiming he's going to level the entire town, or threats of a similar nature. [7] After the usual bickering back and forth between Chan Town, Bastion, and Xorberax, he decided to go and bomb Chan Town himself. This was in retaliation against what they did to him before and due to other more personal reasons Xorberax has against what Chan Town is known for. The bombing resulted in a huge amount of gear and loot lost. Once most of the Chan Town members logged a while after the raid, they set off to find Xorberax in his home city of Bastion.

The members from the city of Bastion took notice of the impending attack and aided Xorberax against the attackers and got the Channers that came shackled. [8] Immediately after Bastion understood what had happened, Xorberax was banished from Bastion to fend for himself [9]. Green Spice was outraged that no further punishment was taken toward Xorberax, however, Bastion members were overwhelmed and tired and had had enough of all of it. A discord user by the name of MULTIPOLAR said he later secured the release to those shackled members of Green Spice and retrieved some of the stolen goods from Green Spice. Much back-and-forth ensued between Green Spice and Bastion over what to do with Xorberax.

After being threatened to be doxxed [10] and in hopes of the blame being put on Green Spice, sometime between March 11-13 Xorberax was basically forced to detonate ore bombs around the city of Bastion causing much damage to structures, some more than others [11][12][13]. It has been said by a player named Jaysus273 that there was another attacker a day or two before Xorberax committed his treason on Bastion. That player being Spicy Boy (on Discord), who attacked Bastion utilizing the power of ore bombs against the city [14]. Many players who eventually noticed this whole thing then lost motivation in living in Bastion, and for some, lost the interest in the entire server. The city of Bastion was widely considered to have ceased to exist from then on [15].


Throughout late March and early April 2022, the active population of Vintage Civ began to decline and reached the point where the peak player count reached only the single digits. Players have contributed this decline to a number of factors, including:[16]

  • General hype for CivMC after its Q&A on March 25, 2022 leading players to focus their attention towards it.
  • A rumour that admins had been working on Vintage Civ 2.0, leaving players not wanting to give attention to the 1.0 server that might be going away soon.
  • The plugins xSkills and QPtech- which allowed players to upgrade certain abilities (eg. increased health, faster block breaking, etc.) after reaching certain goals- breaking after being updated, causing those who were working towards those goals getting burned out.
  • The most populous towns, Bastion and Ember Valley, which both were near spawn and very welcoming to newcomers, being abandoned after the aforementioned conflicts. Multiple small communities had sprouted up near them and began to feel unsafe without them around. Also, too, the Kingdom of Savaguard, a strong and highly militant city, had once claimed alliance with Bastion, yet failed completely to respond to Bastion under siege and fire.
  • Stragglers from Green Spice raiding and griefing other towns like Kindread Clan and Ember Valley, causing their residents to quit.
  • A shallow tech tree.
  • Discrepancies in moderation; Some mods/admins, like SouthernBloc and Pkeod, have been generally tolerant of neo-nazi and right-wing views and users in the discord,[17][18] but rules against harassment and hate speech have been implemented and enforced by other mods/admins, like SimpleBastard and KingOfTheMochas. This lead to the server being populated by far right-wing users who scared away a number of regular players and the right-wingers getting subsequently banned.[19]

Nevertheless, the admin team continues to work on a new website and a new in-house version of xSkills.


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