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Location+, +
Activity levelHigh as of July 2022
SettlementsKrydor, Mauch Chunk
CurrencyKrydor Silver Florin (Gold Standard)
Foundation dateMay 29 2022
LanguageEnglish, Dutch
ReligionSecularism, Eastern Orthodoxy
Krydor Orthodox Church established by Romec

Krydor is a village on Vintage Civ 2.0, spiritual successor of 1.0's Lazuli Lake District.


Krydor was founded by KoekuBakker and Romec on the 4th day of 2.0. After the initial colonization of the land, new settlers trickled in slowly over time, including many members of the former Lazuli Lake District, such as Mokuno of Aventurine, Isaac of New Bjornstahl, and Spartaci, one of the original founders of LLD. Krydor came to be a sprawling suburb of various architecture styles, including Medieval, Roman, Venetian, and Slavic. In July of 2022, the town minted its own currency, the Krydor Silver Florin, backed by a Gold Standard. The currency was designed by award-winning artist Romec and minted by miner-economist ZombieSlayer916. Formally there is no governance, and instead the society works on what some may describe as a defacto decentralized distributist model.

Krydor is located in a generally warm climate with no winters, known for its elephant herds and pomegranate orchards.

In July of 2022, the town was attacked multiple times by Xorberax - a griefer from 1.0, known for the betrayal of Bastion. He committed vandalism, destruction of property, theft, two counts of desecration of a place of worship, and animal cruelty.