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The Vikings of Vintage is a nation on Vintage Civ 2.0 that was founded by player Davis. The goal of this group is to provide a light role-play experience that reflects the culture and political attitudes of the Norse Viking clans of old. Our build styles, city layouts and materials used are reflective of this. Our first settlement is titled Skogar, as named by founding members Davis, Cratin, Frolix, ReggieGeno, Sinister. Outsiders are not welcome in lands claimed by the Vikings, we typically kill on sight unless you're otherwise invited or have one of three existing merchant passes. A merchant pass allows you to freely visit Skogar and trade with our people.


Sometime during the server's time online Davis had a small group of players somewhere near the world poles in the 2.0 test server. The group was made fully public on the 24th of May when Davis posted an invite to the Discord server for the group on a Vintage Civ Discord Channel [1]

On May 30th the player Meunster posted an image on Discord of a signed piece of paper officially declaring the Vikings of Vintage a vassal under Meunster's rule. The original message can be found here

Official Decree I 2022-06-16 [2]

On June 14th, through the help of allies, it was discovered that Muenster was being harbored by a clan native to Viking lands. Previously thought to be peaceful, DonaldTrump and company allowed Muenster to base under their village. Through a joint raiding venture, we were able to free Muenster of most of his valuables, along with DonaldTrump. As a statement to the world, we torched part of his village.

We officially decree Muenster, DonaldTrump and all other associate’s, enemies of our people. They will be hunted with impunity by the Vikings until they are captured and shackled until the end of 2.0. From this point forward, we declare that any outsiders trespassing in our lands without permission will be subject to KoS. Those that are considered friends, ally’s or have a merchant pass are excluded from this new law. Regards Davis, Vikings of Vintage

Official Decree II 2022-07-25

On July 24th at 7:00 PM EST, a raid consisting of both the Bear Tribe (Irtsu) and the Vikings of Vintage was launched on the peaceful town of Talmberg. While the Vikings accomplished more themselves in the attack such as large scale thievery and pillaging, the two players from Irtsu were more or less minor problems in the raid as they were not well equipped with gear. Though the Vikings had merely a portion of their army, they were able to overwhelm the two Talmberg citizens who happened to be online at the time, those two being Fiammata and Zeus369. Breaking into one of the smithys that was only partially constructed, the raiding party took shelter as both Fiammata and Zeus369 laid siege to the building they took to hiding in. After successfully fending them off the Vikings escaped and took their spoils back to their town of Skogar. Later, leaders of Kindread Clan and Talmberg, Candles and Polski respectively, expressed their distaste for this unprovoked and violent action, vowing to take revenge on the Vikings of Vintage. And with that they just about immediately offered up bounties for members and the location of Skogar. Davis, the de facto leader of the Vikings, later gave this statement: "On behalf of my people and those who consider themselves Viking, we take responsibility for the raid on Talmberg. While we previously had a non-aggression pact with Talmberg and Kindread Clan, we offered no promise or guarantee that we would not raid them. While I can understand the hatred the members of these two towns must feel towards us, I offer this word of advice. When you decide to attack us in our homeland, be fearful for what we will do to yours after you’re defeated."

The image posted stating the Vikings of Vintage are now under Meunster's vassalage