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Kindread clan was founded in VCiv 1.0 by player Candles. The group have diplomatic values and open but cautious interactions with other settlements.
Kindread Clan
Activity levelHigh as of May 2022
Capital cityKindread
National Colors
Governing documentNone
• Leader
Foundation dateMarch 2022
Foundation documentUnknown
Preceded byEmanon Vale VCiv 1.0



Kindread Clan resided Emanon Vale [1] - a town of at least four players [2]- in a walled-off village in the subtropical forests south of Ember Valley.

As of March 31 2022 the town was left effectively a ghost town due to the attack commenced on March 30 when the town suffered a large scale raid done by the notorious griefer named wolfeyes[3]. The town was ill prepared for this kind of attack as there weren't many reinforcements or locks in the village. The spokesperson for this group, Candles, has said that the town may be gone but they themselves are not dead and are in hiding in an undisclosed location [4].


The group remains titled as Kindread Clan for the launch of 2.0 [5] With a Discord server (linked in the reference)

Kindread Clan and another group by the name of Mochiston essentially fused into one larger group which goes by either name Mochiston or Kindread Clan, with Candles in charge of both groups together. [6][7]

The group Mochiston started off in the tropics region of the world being led by KingOfTheMochas, being near spawn its considered very dangerous setting up there. Soon after moving to another location farther out they were found by Kindread Clan leader Candles on May 29th and Mochiston was acquired and is now owned by the Kindread Clan.

Cassowary wars

According to a user on the VCiv Discord there is was an ongoing conflict between the native cassowaries and both groups, titled the third cassowary war [8], which was the third of several cassowary wars. Each cassowary war started when a cassowary entered Mochistons border. The fourth cassowary war lasted just a few minutes and was chiefly defined by the strategy of kiting all found cassowaries in a pit to hit the mob cap of cassowaries in hopes of no more cassowaries spawning. According to player Demon/Trenfell the fifth war lasted five minutes and only included him catching more cassowaries and trapping them in a pit four blocks away. [9]

The town split into the Kindread capital and the Mochiston trading town. Both under Kindread Clan rule. Kindread maintains many trade links with various towns and is a member of the Peace and Trade League. The area of former Mochiston is planned to be used as a trade center of some sort [10].

Initially welcoming, though secretive, the capital was infiltrated by speakerwild11. They posed as a resident and stole multiple items from the town before being banished on the 14th of June.

Mochiston's flag [11] The grain symbolized the fertility of the settled area Mochiston held. The pentagon is a comparison to the US pentagon in terms of security and power. The red on the top left and bottom right was apparently an error on the flag designers part. [12]

Kindread formally allied with Talmberg having maintained good relations with them since 1.0 on 16th June.

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