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Temporal Isles
Activity levelHigh
SettlementsTemporal City, Basaltington City
• First Consul
• Second Consul
SirAlador(Founding to 2 months after Founding), later Vacant
• Chancellor
• Economic Advisor
• Militia Chief
• Temporal Representative

"I really don't have much to say about Temporal Isles. It's exactly like every other nonexistent town you've ever seen in minecraft. Overly wide, straight avenues cut across the landscape going from nothing to nowhere, designed for gasoline engined vehicles which don't exist in the game. Wooden huts lurk menacingly, their purpose refusing to be ascertained from their architectural qualities in the landscape which has been stripped of every tree, flower, and blade of grass. It's like a plague of locusts tried to make a society. The most interesting part of Temporal Isles is the fact that the entire country is city bastioned, preventing one from placing boats to escape as fast as possible from the visual atrocity one witnesses upon entering." -Hg__80 [source]

The Temporal Isles, formally referred to as the Consulate of the Temporal Isles, was an island-based nation in the -,- quadrant led by PhysicsGamer, which has since separated into two distinct entities, the Temporal Empire and the New Temporal Isles. The Temporal Isles was made up almost entirely of taiga, with an amount of snowy plains located in the northern reaches of its territories to the east. A small nation in size and population, and having seceded from Icenia in September of 2022, it stood as one of the youngest of its peers on the continent of Northlandia, focusing on trade and infrastructure development above other concerns.


The Temporal Isles began at the Start of the World as a territory of Icenia, acquiring statehood under the leadership of First Consul PhysicsGamer and Second Consul SirAlador. Quickly farms were constructed, creating a large-scale and consistent source of food which fed Temporals and travelers until they were disassembled as a part of an effort to improve the aethetics of the island headed up by Jaimiemie. As PhysicsGamer became a Senator of Icenia, his attention was drawn away from the Temporal Isles due to concerns of the larger nation, and took on strict and harsh policies regarding production goals for the Temporal Isles to match the pace of Icenian development. Going so far as to entirely forego city development in favor of simply living in holes in the ground, dissent began to develop among the populace of the Temporal Isles, eventually resulting in SirAlador resigning from his position as Second Consul of the Temporal Isles, passing the position to PhysicsGamer, and announcing that he was quitting from Civ.

The resignation of SirAlador was a massive blow to Temporal morale, particularly with the harsh policies which had been enacted, and lack of trust in his leadership among the existing populace. The Temporal Isles rapidly lost citizens, ultimately resulting in the decline of the Temporal Isles into obscurity in Icenia, as well as the Temporal Isles becoming a largely dead state.

Involvement in the Generic War

The Temporal Isles, despite being a part of Icenia, felt no direct impact from the Generic War, and although its only member at the time, PhysicsGamer, fled alongside the rest of Icenia upon the initial attack by USA, he soon returned to find the Temporal Isles untouched by the war. During this time, he began work towards rebuilding a population within the Temporal Isles, recruiting newfriends and other Icenians who wished to return to Icenia, including Glaze, and Wjkroeker. Though there were a number of close encounters, PhysicsGamer was pearled on a USA ice road and was subsequently released on the basis of not wishing to be involved in the war. SirAlador made a return during this time, and was subsequently pearled and released after USA was informed of his association with the Temporal Isles, and therefore did not wish to be involved with the war.

Secession from Icenia

In August of 2022, with the Generic War drawing to a close, PhysicsGamer made the decision to act on his original goal when he joined the server of forming an independent nation, and began making preparations to do so. He spoke with foreign powers to attempt to develop relations between the Temporal Isles and other powers, though these efforts were often not fruitful. The most significant action, however, was the recruitment of a number of newfriends, most notably including Dr_Bacon_Hair and Blu9710, who would form the backbone of the new generation of the Temporal Isles. These Aardfolk newfriends, by integrating with the Temporal Isles, began the creation of a new, unique culture for the Temporal Isles, one which deviated from the Icenian culture which PhysicsGamer had originally assimilated into. This time around, PhysicsGamer did not want to make the same mistakes of harsh rule which he made previously, and made efforts to reduce pressure on the players of the Temporal Isles.

By electing to grant citizenship to these newfriends and others despite them not possessing Icenian citizenship, PhysicsGamer took his first public action in defiance of Icenia. With no retaliation to speak of, PhysicsGamer began organizing the construction of a bunker between the Isles of the Temporal Isles, working to establish power projection over them and secure them for secession. However, with the announcement of ice road plans in Icenian defense channels, the hand of PhysicsGamer was forced early, resulting in the presentation of the Temporal Secession Treaty to Icenia on September 25th, 2022, quickly resulting in controversy and the arrival of a significant number of Icenians in gear, including Shadno, Rinvincibl3, Lagiacrus, and even ChrisChrispie himself, as well as others. In response, a number of Temporals including Dr_Bacon_Hair and Blu9710 logged on and arrived at the site, with high tensions as PhysicsGamer awaited being dragged into Icenian private channels to discuss the terms of secession.

Discussions were had with the three leaders, ChrisChrispie, Rinvincibl3, and PhysicsGamer , who came to a number of agreements, which were later codified by an amended version of the treaty presented previously. Notably, the revised treaty granted the Temporal Isles half the land it had originally requested, removed all farm access from Icenian farms for all Temporals, and forcefully stripped all Temporals of Icenian citizenship, forcing Temporals into a decision on if they wished to remain with Icenia or leave with the Temporal Isles. Most citizens of the Temporal Isles at this point did not hold Icenian citizenship, though SirAlador, through some unknown means, retained both citizenships, despite the agreement.

A number of incidents would occur which would raise tensions, including as standoff between JuniorTide, PhysicsGamer, and Dr_Bacon_Hair over an Ice road found within Temporal territory, repeated incursions by ChrisChrispie into Temporal territory despite an advisory not to enter Temporal territory, and attempts by ChrisChrispie to assert undue control over the Temporal Isles by demanding that a foreigner not build a bunker in Temporal territory. Though tensions later declined, these incidents left an undertone to Temporal-Icenian relations which would persist until the Temporal Schism.

Post-Secession Era

Following the formalization of the secession from Icenia on September 26th, 2022, the Temporal Isles began a massive recruitment drive and began looking abroad to establish relations with other nations. Among the individuals recruited during this time, Jaimiemie was the most prominent, quickly gaining recognition and becoming a major player in the Temporal Isles. Many projects were started and completing, with huge contributions by Dr Bacon Hair and Blu9710 towards both funding and constructing projects. In addition to domestic efforts, foreign affairs saw much success, with friendships quickly developing with Valyria and Winterbourne, and trade abroad becoming a major aspect of the Temporal economy. The Temporal Isles took on a policy of public factories and exchanges, promising use of factories and exchanges for various materials to all on the continent, and even those abroad that the Temporal Isles was friendly with. Though such efforts required active maintenance and monitoring to avoid security risk, they represented the start of the Temporal Isles' policy of collaboration and support of growth of the continent through both trade and services, which ultimately failed to develop further due to later conflict.

The Finite War

The Finite War lasted from November 25th to December 11th officially, but the war's effects lasted from November 6th to the end of the Four Hour War, on December 21st, with further reverberations of these events lasting until the Temporal Schism, motivating actions of multiple parties citing the handling of the war and the untenable situation of the war as arguments in favor of and against the PhysicsGamer regime. Temporal Citizens Jaimiemie and Blu9710 were pearled during a portion of this conflict.

Valyrian-Temporal War

On January 16th, The Temporal Isles and Kallos declared war on Valyria due to the fact that Dr_Bacon_Hair had been removed from Valyria's nether portal groups. The planning of this war mostly occured in a new alliance called Vox, also known as Vox Pendelum. PhysicsGamer and Dredd_kiji planned the operation, with Dr Bacon Hair pressuring for the operation to occur, and Docker_Image, and Blu9710 also contributing. Several days before the attack, Blu9710 elected to back out of the planning, as he had determined that it was not the ideal course of action. Temporal government member Jaimiemie was intentionally left out of preparations because he had expressed support for Valyria in the recent months and was deemed to be a security risk. Soon after the Valyrian War had started Dr Bacon Hair had realized that the war was a mistake and along with Blu9710 and Jaimiemie began pressuring PhysicsGamer to surrender and pay reps. However, knowing that the situation had ruined relations with the closest ally of the Temporal Isles, PhysicsGamer believed the only way to secure the future of an independent Temporal Isles was to depose the regime of Valyria and replace it with a regime which would be friendly with the Temporal Isles. This plan to attempt a coup against Valyria would ultimately fail due to a number of factors, the most notable of which was poor infosec and a lack of organization among the prospective Valyrian collaborationist government, leading to the plan failing.

The 1st Temporal Coup

Because of the situation with Valyria, and PhysicsGamer's assessment of the Temporal Isles' situation being untenable without a friendly Valyria, the players which had initially pushed for the war and later a surrender elected to depose the regime which had administered the Temporal Isles since the start of the world in favor of a new path.

In the early hours of February 2nd (Central Standard Time), the Valyrian-Temporal War continued, during which PhysicsGamer was online and running along former joint infrastructure and hitting Valyrian snitches to test response times and annoy them. During the day on February, Blu9710, Dr_Bacon_Hair and Jaimiemie began plans to remove PhysicsGamer from the leadership of the Temporal Isles. Around 5:00 PM CST, Blu9710 returned from his trip to the Imperial Federation and moved the doors of the Temporal Potbunker over to rebel groups to deny access to PhysicsGamer. PhysicsGamer was to be manipulated into logging on by the presence of Jaimiemie, who had become a hostile player to the existing regime. This plan quickly proved to be unnecessary, however, as PhysicsGamer had logged out within the Pot bunker, being assassinated soon after logging in. The Temporal Isles was soon turned over to Icarus by the instigators of the coup, who annexed the land as a semi-autonomous region under Dr_Bacon_Hair, while PhysicsGamer was pearled for a month before fleeing to Gang Shi, who had taken him in at Gwua's insistence during his time being held on the behalf of the Icarian Temporal Isles and Valyria.

Boarian/Icarian Era

After PhysicsGamer was couped the citizens of TI elected to join Icarus, having become good friends with the Icarians along with the past strife endured by an independent TI. During this time, the Temporal Isles shifted away from economy and military in favor of aesthetics and integration with Icarus as a whole. Dr Bacon Hair built many builds during this time including a majestic crab, a monument to Icarus and TI above a sheep farm, a stone farm and a train station with rails to Icenia. Jaimiemie helped in mainland Icarus with running farms for xp. Mushroom_Cultist moved to TI and Bacon built him a quaint Mushroom house to live in. VilyanZ and Sdorr also became residents of TI building a house next to the Mushroom.

The Butternut-SEC War

During the Buttsecs War, the Temporal Isles, as a territory of Icarus, found itself in conflict with the Butternut Coalition, which included PhysicsGamer among their fighters. Government member Jaimiemie and Mushroom_Cultist was pearled in the early days of the war, and Blu9710 elected to flee the fighting to join IF, leaving the Temporal Isles with only Dr Bacon Hair actively playing in the area. Following the fall of Whole Foods, the area returned to occupation under PhysicsGamer as TI's only active player. The progression of the war led to the Temporal Isles being asserted under PhysicsGamer , and the defeat of the SEC secured this new status quo. At the urging of AbyssalSire, PhysicsGamer elected to allow integration of citizens associated with the previous government, despite his own reservations regarding the potential risk such an act posed.

The Temporal Schism/2nd Temporal Coup

Members of the previous government were allowed to return to the Temporal Isles on a number of conditions, the most notable of which was that all military infrastructure in the area would be built on groups owned by PhysicsGamer , so as to eliminate risk of a second coup or other such action which could destabilize the new status quo. However, Mushroom_Cultist was soon discovered constructing a bunker hole which had not yet had the contained bunker constructed, leaving sufficient deniability on the nature of the bunker for competing perspectives of the nature of the bunker hole. Mushroom_Cultist claimed it was simply a storage bunker after the events of the incident, while PhysicsGamer had no way to confirm this assertion, and therefore believed it was hostile in nature. PhysicsGamer, having been working on defensive infrastructure in the area for the past week, discovered Mushroom in the middle of excavating the bunker hole, which had an obsidian floor at the bedrock to prevent disabling. PhysicsGamer initially asked Mushroom questions about the nature of the hole, with Mushroom making declarations such as "what's a diamond vein" when asked why he was quarrying and asked if he was mining a diamond vein. As questioning progressed, PhysicsGamer determined that Mushroom was playing dumb to the situation, and instructed Mushroom to CTR the obsidian to an admin group he gave Mushroom access to with the intent of preventing potential hostility. In response, Mushroom elected to flee, with PhysicsGamer pearling him during the flight to determine what to do when the pearl was in hand. PhysicsGamer immediately ran over to Butternut Vault to act as a scarecrow while determining what to do, as Butternut had declared it was not getting involved. Gang Shi's vault was not sufficiently activated at the time to hold the pearl safely, which was determined in a voice call between GS leadership including PhysicsGamer himself.

PhysicsGamer kept the pearl in his inventory as a mix of Icenian, Icarian, and Yoathlan players chased him along with some other volunteers including a Gang Shi citizen, Fastestgrass. There was heavy debate within the Gang Shi government on what to do, with JB advocating for backing PhysicsGamer in the situation from a position of empathy for the situation PhysicsGamer found himself in. Fastest, by contrast, advocated that a conflict was not worth the effort due to the nature of the conflict as a distant event from Gang Shi. Eventually PhysicsGamer determined he was unable to effectively flee the situation without immediate backup. He was forced to throw the pearl off the skybridge he was holed up on, and jump to his death on the ground below. Negotiations began, with numerous proposals offered, including even constructing a second Temporal Isles elsewhere to allow for independent Temporal Isles nations to exist simultaneously. PhysicsGamer was opposed to abandoning his home territory due to emotional attachment and investment in the area, and offered to personally fund efforts to make the Bacon faction whole, offering diamonds, alternative land, and the previously pitched "push TI somewhere else" idea. Following internal discussions between PhysicsGamer and Jbblocker, PhysicsGamer conceded to a deal in which reparations would be paid from Icarus, and all Temporal land outside of the home islands would be placed under the administration of PhysicsGamer. The Temporal Empire was then formed in these territories, primarily composed of PhysicsGamer , SirAlador, and Shady_Warri0r, with a monarchical power structure and an explicit Gang Shi alliance. The New Temporal Isles was formed primarily with the players Dr Bacon Hair, Jaimiemie, and Mushroom_Cultist with Icenian, Icarian, and Yoathlan backing.

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