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G&L logo created in 2022 for use in CivMC

G&L is a brewing company started on CivClassic between friends gruebleen and LIQUIDSTEREO; it had a brief appearance on CivRev, and was brought back on CivMC.


Late into CivClassic gruebleen and LIQUIDSTEREO created the company "G&L drugs and vices", selling a wide assortment of substances created by the brewery plugin. The company had discovered and distributed all opioids and psychedelics, as well as mamy other substances. G&L created a subsidiary company called "Nightwatch Pharmaceuticals" to sell medicines like advil, tylenol, and antihistamines which helped counteract the negative effects of their products. By end of world in CivClassics G&L had 4 locations, throughout Nightwatch, Sussex, Caledonia, and Yoahtl.


G&L had shortlived plans for CivRev. gruebleen created the small nation called "The Brewers Guild", planned as an advertisement to bring brewers and brew enjoyers to his brewery. The Brewers Guild was abandoned after the first brewery was set up and the discovery that brewery plugin did not exist was made. Shortly after gruebleen got alt pearled attempting to raid a vault for shits, and never again tried logging on.


G&L returns to CivMC with a different business model to fit in with the changes to the brewery plugin in this iteration. Currently G&L is a humble brewing company based out of Icarus, with goals to distribute a large variety of well priced liquor all across the globe. This is the first iteration where anyone but grue and liquid have been involved in the company, hiring a brewing apprentice by the name of ManicMania, and working close with the Icarian government.