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This page is to assist new and established players to get started in the Principality of Pavia. For detailed information on the nation, please see here. To avoid duplication of information, this page assumes that you have read the information on that page.

The Townhall in Pavia - centre of the City of Pavia and the Pavian Government

Brief overview

Christmas '22 in Pavia

Pavia is a maritime nation located in the Lyrean Sea. It is an elective monarchy headed by the Crown Prince with the support of the Dukes of Pavia. Founded on the first day of the server, it was comprised in the early days of a large number of players from the former Free Republic of Gabon, a nation that existed on a earlier civ-server called CivClassic. Since it's foundation, the nation has since expanded to include many more players and is always looking for new players to join and help the nation grow.

The Northern Viaduct in Pavia, part of Pavia's extensive rail network, designed to connect to nations around the map.

This page is designed to assist new players in learning how to play, join in and get involved with Pavia, although may prove to be a useful resource to established players who are considering making Pavia their home.

The countryside outside Pavia city

Important Links

The Estella River in Pavia

Pavia's Discord - Main source for all things Pavian. This is where you can find/hear about all decrees made by the incumbent Crown Prince, read about Pavian news, keep in touch with citizens and the broader Pavian community and find jobs to do.

CivMC Discord - This is server-wide discord channel where you can find administrator announcements and speak to the entire Civ community.

World Map - The world map, maintained by players. This is where you can see all internationally recognised claims, see OneDest rail destinations and find your way around the map.

Pavia Institute - This is where you can read details related to the Pavian government.

Magna Pavia - This is the Pavian founding document and the most important document outlining the function of government in Pavia.

Governance and Laws

The Crown Prince of Pavia is recognised as the Head of State and is entrusted with supreme legislative, judicial and executive powers. If you're interested in more details on the running of the state - you can read about them here.

New laws may be established by the passing of a Privy Council Act by the Dukes of Pavia or passed directly by the Crown Prince through a Decree. You can view all the acts and decrees that have been passed in Pavia here.

Setting your spawn

If you die on this server without having set your spawn (your spawn point can be set by sleeping in a bed), you will spawn in a new random place on the map. So the first thing that should be done when you arrive into Pavia is to set your spawn. A publicly accessible bed is available at The Loud Mule Inn and Stable (Coordinates: 1140x, -2883z) . The Loud Mule Inn and Stable can be found on the Kingsroad in the Duchy of Bedford, a Duchy administered under the Duke of Bedford, BritishWanderer.

Pavian Land Registry - The Loud Mule and Stable is located in the Duchy of Bedford. The Duchy in the south of the Pavian landmass.Note this Land Registry is not the most up-to date version, please look at the Pavia discord if you are interested.
Quick fact: The Kingsroad is a major thoroughfare located along the south coast of Pavia. This road is built by Pavia and continues into the neighbouring countries of Mery and Lambat. Locating this road can be an easy way to find your way back to the City of Pavia. The road is supplemented by the Princes Road which is a matching road that runs along the north coast of the nation.

Join the Discord

To join the discord, click here.

When you join the discord, you will be placed inside the #town-gates until you are given a role by a Duke of Pavia.

Once you have settled in either the Bedford Common or have purchased a home with citizenship (see Getting your first home), you will be given a citizenship role, giving you access to other channels in the discord.

Channel Purpose
#information Provides onboarding information to new citizens and guests of Pavia, providing links to important documents and a general overview of the nation.
#noble-decrees Contains all decrees made by the incumbent Crown Prince as well as notifications of adjustments to the Pavian land registry and on-going Crown Prince elections.
#pavian-tribune News from the Pavian Government on the happenings in Pavia and the media company The Pavian Tribune
#the-pavian-media News from independent media companies operating within Pavia, namely Turning Point Pavia and The Pavian Outpost
#cartography-office Displays progress maps of Pavia to show progress made on the city and outer regions.
#town-square The public channel accessible to all Pavian citizens and guests.
#pavian-markets Contains all business adverts for businesses operating within Pavia.
#dice-day The channel that hosts the Pavian Dice Day - a National Holiday where the Crown Prince's fate is determined by a dice roll.
#corporate-news Corporate news from the Monument Group (MG). Includes news, updates and financial reports.
#contact-us This channel can be used to open a support ticket with the Monument Group to purchase a Pavian property or another service provided by the MG.
#citizen-announcements Private announcements for the eyes and ears of the Pavian citizenry.
#pavia-citizen Internal channel for chatting between citizens of Pavia
#pavia-schematics Channel hosting open schematics for Pavian citizens who would like to earn their keep through our schematic program.

Joining the NameLayer groups

NameLayer is the plugin used by Civ genre servers to allow for block protection (reinforcements), private shared chats amongst other features. All nations in CivMC will utilise a number of groups that allow selective access to be given to infrastructure that should only be accessible by authorised players.

There are three public NameLayer groups that new citizens need to join. To join the groups, you must ask a Duke of Pavia either ingame or in the Pavian discord channel.

Pavia - This is a general purpose group used for chatting in-game to other Pavians

PaviaCitizens - This group is used to manage access to city's bastions. It is required that you join this group before you are able to build within Pavia.

PaviaFactories - This group permits the player to access the city's factories.

The Loud Mule Inn and Stable

Getting your first home

There are two methods of obtaining property in Pavia.

  • Purchase a property within Pavia from the Monument Group. This is recommended for established players who would like a property within the city and will cost diamonds.
  • Build a home in the Bedford Common. This is recommended for new players and is free.

Purchasing a property through the Monument Group

If you are interested in purchasing a property in Pavia, open a ticket using the #contact-us channel in the Pavian discord. Any properties valued and purchased for over 64 diamonds will come with Pavian citizenship.

Location of the Loud Mule in Pavia. Click the image to bring it up to full size.

Building a home in the Bedford Common

The Principality of Pavia enforces a strict building code to maintain standards across the nation. As a consequence of this, citizens of Pavia can not freely build within the nation without the permission of the Bureau of Architecture. Citizens who have demonstrated a good understanding of the Pavian building style and a high standard for building can obtain this permission.

Citizens can however build freely within the Bedford Common, an area designated in the Duchy of Bedford for new players to get established. Open the Pavian Land Registry map on the right hand side of this page to see the location and boundary of the Bedford Common.

Within the Commons, citizens can freely choose any space that is not yet occupied by a building to construct their home, please keep in mind that while the Bureau of Architecture does not enforce a strict build style within this region, it is still expected that players will make an attempt to stick to the style (for example; no tall buildings or modern skyscrapers).

Gathering materials and general amenities

Quick fact: A staple of the civ-genre is the inclusion of the Realistic Biomes plugin. This plugin changes the growth rates for crops, saplings and other growable blocks based on the biome in which they have been planted. While playing on CivMC, you will notice some crops including saplings may a day or longer to grow to maturity, or may not grow at all in the given biome. You can find the growth time of a crop by left-clicking while holding the crop, or by entering the command /rb into chat.
Factories allow the creation of materials at a cheaper cost than traditional crafting or smelting, and are used as the only method of producing experience (XP) or high-tier civ items such as bastions.

Factories have varying costs to create and as a result, some factories are kept away from the public for security.

Citizens of Pavia can access all common factories at the Pavian Grand Exchange. More expensive factories are not available but can be accessed by proxy through the Pavian Ore Exchange, and XP and tool exchanges available within the Pavian Grand Exchange.

Click here for detailed information on FactoryMod.

Food and agricultural infrastructure in Pavia

Pavia is primarily settled on flower forest and plains biomes, and as a result has little access to valuable crops as part of the Realistic Biomes plugin.

The primary food crops grown in Pavia are carrots and wheat. Farms for these crops, accessible to citizens can be found alongside the Kingsroad. The state primarily relies on imported baked potatoes for food security and sells these in the Grand Exchange to citizens. Various shops located within the City of Pavia sell other more valuable food items such as cooked chicken, steak and pork.

A citizen accessible carrot farm is at 1183, -2984, and wheat can be found at 1170, -3013


Bedford Commons Oak Farm
Note: Bedford Commons lies adjacent to the Florea National Park. It is a crime to destroy trees within the national park. Please use provided oak farms to source wood.

The Bedford Common Oak farm can be found at 1243, -3077

This can be used by all citizens to gather oak logs, and takes 48 hours to grow.

Kingsroad Birch Farm

The birch farm can be located on the Kingsroad just past the Duchy of Lugano at 1738, -2896

This farm is accessible to all citizens and takes 48 hours to grow.


Mining is vastly different on CivMC in comparison to vanilla Minecraft, and takes time and experience to truly become lucrative. There are two important Civ plugins to be aware of in relation to mining. Hidden Ore; this plugin changes ore generation to make ores generate as you break blocks or as you walk through unexplored caves, rather than ores generating and being present in the world from the beginning, and Orebfuscator which changes blocks not visible to the user to other blocks to prevent x-ray.

Mining for general blocks such as cobblestone, andesite, granite etc; can be done in any location outside of the City of Pavia. It is recommended that players use the city quarry for this sort of digging. the quarry can be found at 1440 -3045. Players may enter the cave and dig as needed.

Mining for valuable ores is best done as far from player settlement as possible. If you are able to find a cave that has not been explored; large numbers of diamonds can be found easily. As Pavia is a highly populated and dense region of the map, it is recommended that players go outside of the nation to isolated areas to mine for the best chances to find valuables goods.

If you are interested in mining - always ensure that you are using a Fortune pick on iron ore and Silk Pick on all other ores as soon as possible to be able to make sure of the Pavian Ore Exchange, which offers considerably beter rates than would be available via. smelting or traditional mining.

These enchanted picks are available for purchase in various shops in Pavia.

The Pavian Ore Exchange

The Pavian Ore Exchange allows players to access the exchanges available in the Ore Smelter factory without having direct access to the factory itself. This exchange can be found on the main road (highlighted by the street signage 'ORES'). This can be an extremely effective way new players can jumpstart their wealth by first mining raw iron, exchanging the raw iron for iron ingots using the Ore Exchange, and then exchanging the iron ingots for diamonds using the Iron/Diamond exchange available next door.

The Pavian Ore Exchange can be found at 662, 72, -3032

CivMarket Iron / Diamond Exchange

The Iron/Diamond Exchange is operated by CivMarket and allows customers to exchange iron ingots for diamonds and vice-versa at various prices. This is a floating exchange that will frequently change in price.

This exchange can be found at 699, -3033

The Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is a cornerstone of the Pavian lifestyle. This exchange is operated by the Pavian Government and is hosted within the Pavian Townhall, the largest building in the nation - making it easy to find.

The Exchange allows citizens to trade essence, iron, diamonds and other in-demand goods such as oak logs and other building blocks into Pavian Crowns. Pavian Crowns are a currency which can be used within the Exchange to purchase a large selection of goods from building blocks, stone, tools, XP, food, minecarts and more.

New players are encouraged to make use of the exchange to purchase difficult to maintain building blocks such as white concrete and bricks when building in the Bedford Commons, and also to take advantage of the fact that essence can be used to purchase crowns as a cheap of obtaining your first set of diamond tools.

The Grand Exchange can be found at 797, -2970

Shopping in Pavia

There are a large number of shops within Pavia where a huge number of goods can be purchased ranging from food and blocks to XP and enchanted tools. Shops are primarily positioned along the Main Road in the centre of the City of Pavia. Detailed information on all shops as well as a method of contacting the shop owner can be found in the #pavian-markets channel

Finding something to do

A distinct feature of civ-genre servers is the lack of interaction between server administrators and the community, and the lack of 'forced' gameplay elements. This leaves the player often needing to find their own purpose in the world akin to how a player would play survival Minecraft. The plugins that are available within civ server facilitate and support the creation of nations and communities who can work together to build as well as providing them with the tools required to enforce their own claims and distribute justice when required.

The benefit of such a server model is that there is a vast number of things that a player can do, and players are not forced to commit to any one particular playstyle.

Become an Architect

Pavia is well-known throughout the map for it's commitment to building a single style city, and the creation of large and detailed builds. Players are not able to build outside of a Commons without express permission from the Pavian Bureau of Architecture. To obtain the permission to build within Pavian Crownland and the City of Pavia, players must first demonstrate their building ability on a creative server hosted by Pavia.

If you believe you are a good builder, or are interested in becoming a better builder - becoming an Architect of Pavia might be a good goal for you. To become an architect, contact Gobblin on discord or in-game to gain access to the creative where you can demonstrate your building ability. Once approved, you will be able to assist in designing the city and other locations around Pavia.

Complete Build Contracts

Some builds in Pavia are first designed in creative before being built in-game by other builds, and players are offered payment in return for constructing these builds in-game. This is an extremely lucrative business within the state with schematics often paying out between 20 and 30 diamonds for completion, with all blocks provided by the Pavian Grand Exchange for free.

However, build contracts are in great demand and are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To obtain a build contract - keep an eye on the #pavia-schematics channel to accept a build contract when one becomes available.

Non-citizens can gain access to the #pavia-schematics channel and Pavian build contracts by contacting Gobblin.

In order to accept a contract - it is important that the you have installed the Litematica mod, which will allow you to place and build the design as a blueprint. Lessons on how to use Litematica are offered by asking Gobblin.

Become a Merchant

Pavia boasts one of the largest markets available on the server, located on the Main Road in the City of Pavia. This makes it a great place to sell any goods ranging from food and blocks all the way to books and map art.

If you are interested in opening a shop in Pavia - first identify what you will sell and begin stockpiling your product.

Once you are ready to open a shop, contact the Monument Group using the #contact-us channel in the Pavia discord to purchase a property within the city centre

Next, open your shop using the Item Exchange plugin.

Keep your shop open and expand your product range.

Learn to PvP and join the Coast Guard

War occasionally takes place on CivMC when diplomacy fails, and PvPers may be required to defend Pavia from it's adversaries. The defence of the state is managed by the Pavian Coast Guard, established early in the history of CivMC during the reign of BritishWanderer I. If you are interested in joining the Coast Guard and learning to fight - contact the Duke of Braemar and First Lord of the Admiralty, Cissonius.

Build in the Undercity

Make maps

Write books

Attend Public Events

Help with Public Projects


Moving up in the world

~~detail about the steps required to ascend to becoming a Duke of Pavia

Becoming a Noble

Getting landed

Becoming a Duke

Becoming the Crown Prince


~~details about existing Pavian transport infrastructure (rails, roads)

Our place in the world

~~ details about the Lyrean Sea, our allies

Recommended client-side mods


the minimap we use

link to that mod page on the wiki