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Defense Union for Mutual Prosperity
DUMP's flag
Location:Northeast Hemicircle, Southeast Hemicircle
Foundation date:30 January 2021
Member states:Blackwell
Cortesia Del Mar

The Defense Union for Mutual Prosperity (DUMP) was an alliance between a number of nations, ending with Cortesia Del Mar, Blackwell, and Monterrey. Founded on January 31st 2020, the rapidly-changing entity concerned itself with two pillars: a defense pact, and a trade pact. The alliance was put together by Eddie Murphy in the later days of January 2021 as a way to bring most of the young power's friend nations together under a single banner. It was dissolved on June 2nd, 2021.


- Each nation is entitled to one vote (out of a total of five) on all matters which affect all member nations of the DUMP (with exceptions for extremely time-sensitive situations)
- Every member nation is entitled to select (barring a vote of objection) any selection its members act as representatives the DUMP, who will alliance's leaders
- All DUMP members pledge to defend one another from an aggressor, while participation in a member's offensive war is left as a choice
- All DUMP members pledge to seek the prosperity of one another, to economically work together, and to trade closely
- No DUMP member may gather non-consensual intelligence on any other.


The DUMP was founded on January 31st, 2021. Its first two days of existence were rocked by confusion surrounding the alliance's makeup by two supposed members, owing to what is largely considered the premature publicizing of the pact. Two thought-to-be members, Hyperion and Columbia, both made clear their lack of intent to participate in the defense and trade pacts on January 31st and February 1st respectively; Hyperion voluntarily withdrew, while DUMP symbolically revoked Columbia's membership with a vote of 4-0. Lambat also joined the alliance - having been originally invited but having declined - on January 31st, leaving the alliance a four-member pact by the end of the period of confusion. On February 2nd, Lambat temporarily dissolved, necessarily leaving the alliance; within the span of an hour, however, DUMP returned to four members as the nation of Gul, undergoing negotiations with the border-conflicting Veldt in DUMP's discord, requested and was quickly accepted into the alliance.

On February 4th, the alliance fought its first war, the short One Hour War, resolving the aforementioned conflicts between Gul and Veldt. A week following, on February 14th, with the split of Anyakova from Eddie Murphy, the former was added to the alliance, and two days later the young city-state of Blackwell also joined the ever-dynamic entity, straight into an emerging crisis over Cortesian Vice President yodabird19's pearling by Nyasaland. Monterrey joined after another two days. On February 22, in the wake of the Columbia-Cascadia War, the alliance's original member, Eddie Murphy, [dissolved and split] into Anyakova and The Empire, the former of which would come to own Dormount's territory four days later with that nation's dissolution. Both Murphian successor states would eventually dissolve between February and May 2021. On May 26th, 2021, Cortesia Del Mar, Monterrey, and Blackwell, by then the alliance's only remaining members, voted to dissolve the union; this was [announced on June 2nd]. DUMP was in practice replaced by the much larger CES.


Nation Symbol Capital Form of Government Head of Government Date of Accession Notes
Blackwell BW Transitionary Constitutional Monarchy 16 February 2021
Cortesia Del Mar CDM Ventura Transitionary Oligarchic Republic President IceCarim 30 January 2021
Monterrey MT Rainier Executive-Constitutional Monarchy King MrDoomBringer 18 February 2021