One Hour War

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One Hour War
Art by Tiddy1806
DUMP defends Gul from the Veldt
DateEST: 4 February 2021 (20:30-22:00) GMT: 5 February 2021 (3:30-5:00)
  • Occupation of Gul territory,
    (see Aftermath section)
    • Veldt expansion


  • Veldt
  • Casualties and losses
    None Camokool captured, later released

    The One Hour War was a military conflict on CivClassic 2.0 in the nation of Gul that was only declared for approximately 90 minutes, and active for approximately 60.


    Seeded by the claim of Camokool's Veldt on February 1, which conflicted with that of the anarcho-primitivist Gul, the One Hour War was the result of the falling apart of diplomacy between DUMP (Gul having joined on February 2nd) and Veldt.

    The war consisted of only a single battle, in which Camokool attacked Oko of Eddie Murphy unarmored, and was immediately pearled, ending the conflict.

    The border dispute between Gul and Veldt ignited into open hostility at 8:30pm EST, February 4, two and a half hours after Camokool angrily left the DUMP Discord server, where diplomatic talks had been ongoing, stating that "I disagree and object to anything and everything Gul has to counter claim", solidly indicating a refusal to negotiate for anything less than complete obtainment of Veldt's square selection. This created a diplomatically immovable cross with CheezyJives's statement that "I want camo out...not just this proposition" (referring to a proposed border solution, which had been thrown out after it came to light that Veldt had flattened beyond the proposed borders already).

    The war's swift conclusion - before Cortesia Del Mar could even finish deliberating on whether it wanted to join the effort - was only the last step in its proceeding, as most of the 'fighting' in the war consisted of removing Veldt's settlement and undoing its terraforming (due to Gul's pro-nature stance).


    Camokool having been pearled, then immediately offered 100 diamond bounties on lizzyacadian, Goop04, and CheezyJives, eliciting a harsh response from across DUMP, and a sympathetic response from UDF members. The pearl was placed inside of Cascadia's skybunker, before being moved to EM's vault days later. Camokool gave Oko an ultimatum to be released at a particular hour, which was not abide. A stealth break of EM was promptly planned, however, hours before the break was to be executed, Kaloa_HG bid to immediately release Camokool with certain terms.

    A string of events would lead to Vice president of Cortesia Del Mar, yodabird19 being pearled in NyasaLand by player BennyZ, leading to the Columbia-Cascadia War. With EM and Cascadia being effectively dissolved, Camokool would reclaim and reestablish Veldt.