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Logo of CivUnion (By: Owain_X)
Logo of the CivUnion Hub (By: Owain_X)
Basic Info
Start DateMarch 8th, 2022
Servers Involved

CivUnion is a project and organization that provides server resources for upcoming civ servers that wish to join. CivUnion is focused on growing the civ genre and supporting those working on plugins and civ servers.[1]


CivUnion, and CivUnion Cloud, came about via the merging of CivRev and CivReign which was announced to the public on March 8th via a new teaser image with the CivUnion logo in the bottom left corner.[2] The reasoning was the minimize server cost, allow for a test bed for new servers and testing features, and for the ability to quickly deploy servers without the cost of traditional hosting.[3]

Parts of CivUnion

The CivUnion project consists of[4]:

  • The CivUnion private cloud
  • The CivUnion Website which will have a few functions such as:
  • The CivUnion Hub Server and proxy
  • The CivUnion Discord

Tiers of Involvement with CivUnion

  • Partner Project - Gets access to the discord, can host test/dev servers, can link with the hub. Becoming a partner means sharing code, configs and knowledge freely with other partners and members.[4]
  • Member Project - Gets all the partner project perks as well as hosting for their live instances. Members must be invited and agree that if they generate revenue through a Patreon or other process to provide 15% to CivUnion for hosting costs.[4]