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One Time Teleport (OTT) is a plugin occasionally included on Civ servers, which allows a player to teleport to another player for a short amount of time after joining the server. One Time Teleport is intended to allow new players to join their first nation without having to deal with travel time.

One Time Teleport requires both the new player and the target player to approve of the teleportation. If you are new and wish to OTT to a nation, you will need a player from that nation to be online first.


Inviting a player to a One Time Teleport. They can accept with /ott.

First, invite the new player, with /ottinvite <username>.

To accept a teleport, use the /ott <useranme> command with the username of a player who invited you.

Item Loss

When a player accepts a One Time Teleport, they retain only the items given to them when they first join.

This prevents alts from abusing One Time Teleport to easily raid or join fights.

Command Reference

Command Description
/ottinvite <username> Invite a player to teleport to you. They must accept with /ott before teleporting.
/ott <username> Uses your One Time Teleport to teleport to a player. You must have first been invited with /ottinvite by the player you wish to teleport to.