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On CivRealms, some recipes were changed from vanilla minecraft. Some need the regular crafting bench, while others require special factories.

Crafting bench recipe

Item Alternate recipe Note
Bastion claims A diamond surrounded by planks, or in the bastion factory (area 21x21) Can be done in the bastion factory
Blaze rod 4 magma blocks and 1 alum on a crafting bench More efficient in the chemistry factory
Carpet dyeing Works but must begin with white carpets Can be done in the wool dye factory
Instant health potions 2 bronze ingots, a melon slice and a water bottle directly in a crafting bench
Golden carrots One gold block surrounded by carrots Carrots must be "ripe, hand-picked"
Jukebox 1 lapis block surrounded by 8 planks Can be done in mechanics factory
Noteblock 1 lapis chunk surrounded by 8 planks Can be done in mechanics factory
Maps 3 paper, 1 ink and 1 feather in a crafting bench
Shears Two bones or flint in a diagonal pattern
Stone tools Replace cobblestone with flint, bone or wood Stone tools are called "primitive"
Wool dyeing Works but must begin with white wool Can be done in the wool dyeing factory

Factory recipe

Item Alternate recipe Note
Andesite Aesthetic factory
Anvil Forge
Andesite Aesthetic factory
Bastion claims Bastion factory
Bastion city Bastion factory
Beacon Advanced experience factory
Blaze rod Chemistry factory Can be done by hand
Boats Carpentry factory Log type must be oak
Bread Bakery
Bricks Kiln or higher
Bookcase Carpentry factory
Cake Bakery
Carpet Textile factory
Carpet dyeing Wool dyeing factory
Cauldron Forge factory
Clay dyeing Clay dyeing factory
Clock Mechanics factory
Compass Mechanics factory
Cookies Bakery
Compass Mechanics factory
Diorite Aesthetic factory
Ender eye Chemistry factory
Fermented spider eye Chemistry factory
Fire charges Explosive factory
Gold blocks Grinding mill
Granite Aesthetic factory
Hopper Forge
Iron ingot Furnace or higher
Iron block Forge
Iron nuggets Forge
Iron doors Forge
Iron trapdoors Forge
Jukebox Mechanics factory
Leather armors Textile factory
Magma cream Chemistry factory
Metal pressure plate Forge
Minecart Rail factory
Noteblock Mechanics factory
Painting Printing press
Piston Mechanics factory
Rails Rail factory
Redstone components Mechanics factory
Redstone block Grinding mill
Sandstone Kiln Can also be made in an oven
Sea lanterns Aesthetic factory
TNT Explosive factory
Tripwire hook Forge
Wool dyeing Wool dyeing factory

Disabled recipe

  • End crystals
  • Ender chests
  • Gold ingots
  • Gold nuggets


Tools and armor

All tools and armor can be crafted in a crafting bench but are more cost effective on their according factory.