SEC–Gang Shi War

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The SEC–Gang Shi War was a conflict on CivMC between the Security Enhancement Coalition and Gang Shi. The conflict, after the months of building up tensions between the SEC and Gang Shi, was triggered by the pearling of a Yoahtlan named VilyanZ.[1]

SEC-Gang Shi War
DateApril 24th - 27th 2023
Result SEC Victory

Security Enhancement Coalition:



On April 18, Yoahtl joined the SEC alliance. Around the same time, fastestgrass was pearled by Icenia for illegally snitching Icenian infrastructure and attempting to break bastions at the Whole Foods farming complex.[2] fastestgrass's pearl was later moved to Arsenio Pact's vault. On April 24, VilyanZ was pearled by Gwua.

Yoahtl Skirmishes

Negotiations over VilyanZ's pearl were held, but no agreement was reached. Gang Shi proceeded to grief a Yoahtl ice road and attempt to break bastions in Altepetl. In response, Yoahtl closed Altepetl's borders and advised no one to leave the city. GordonFreemanQ, unaware of the closed borders, was pearled by Gwua.[3] Various skirmishes resulted in the pearling of IKEA_FRIDGE on the SEC side and ___TheBoss___ and Antea4204 on the Gang Shi side.[4]

Black Mesa Siege

On April 26, Black Mesa, Gang Shi's vault, was attacked by SEC forces. UB40 was pearled by CBtopper223.[5] PhysicsGamer and SquidHasTheBad were also pearled during the attack. CBtopper223 later turned against SEC forces and was pearled.[6]


All SEC pearls held in Black Mesa were released after the siege.[7] Several Cordoban pearls obtained by Gang Shi during the Gang Shi-Cordoba Skirmish were released.[8] All Gang Shi land was transferred to the SEC and was divided up later.[9]