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The Republic of Oistins
Flag of Oistins
Crude Map of Oistins
Capital CitySpeightstown
Founded14 February 2018
Location-6900, 1200


Oistins is an island nation bordered by TdC to the north and HJE (Westeros) to the west. Filled with dangerous hills and cliffs, this forested island has an interesting history.

Founded on February 14, 2018, by Topher3001, Oistins started out as nothing but a few abandoned settlements scattered around the main island. He settled in where now is Speightstown, on a peninsula in the north-west corner of the island. The first structures made at where Speightstown now resides was Topher3001's home and the Speightstown Factory Building. Later came the brick rail station of Oistins, Greater Oistins Terminal, sadly never used. An above-ground railroad was built to TdC, but was demolished and replaced with an underground railroad, which to this day has not been finished. The most recent and last additions was a large private wheat farm. Oistins had no official allies or enemies in its short lifespan, but TdC was a great friend.

The date is lost as to when Topher3001 left Oistins, but it is believed to have been around a month or two months after the nations founding. The island laid abandoned until claimed by Varsany, and later Kaltsburg. Today Speightstown, now known as Speightstadt, remains a relic of the former one-man nation.

Speightstown sports the Sovian Embassy, made by Pirater, along with a Canalist church, the only semblence of religion on the island.

Legend has it that Topher3001 lost his dropchest containing 2 stacks of diamonds in the Savannah region of the island. He forgot to make a waypoint, so it is still there, unless if it has already been found.

A planning map of the Oistins International Railroad to TdC
Older photo of Speightstown