September (LRT)

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At a Glance
LocationNew September
  • SamBonusG Bridge
  • New Sept. Voting Tree
Station CodeSEP
EstablishedSeptember 20, 2023
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September is an LRT station on the Green Line.


Traveling to September station is done by typing the corresponding command at your currents station before launching your minecart.

If your station has access to multiple LRT lines, make sure you are embarking on the correct line.

/dest command line
/dest cloudy september /dest sanctuary september
  • Sanctuary
  • Pioneer Village
  • Krus
  • Cloudy
  • Tshola
  • Broa Cay
  • Heleonov
  • Katipan


September station has gone through three renames before being completed. Each rename corresponded with each renaming of the district the station was built in:

  1. Northend Station
  2. Progreso Station
  3. September Station

In the case of the third rename, the 'New' part was omitted to avoid confusion (there was never an "Old" September Station).

September station had its foundation built when the green line was first dug out, but the build was never completed until mid-September. The station functionally remained unusable until mid-February.

The name of the station/district is based on Mount September, which was SamBonusG's home country in CivClassic. There are still notions (mostly jokingly but some semi-serious) about forcing the old Septembrians to set up a new city in Lambat. No action has been made insofar as anyone in Lambat/with ties to the Septembrians is able.