Moon Hill (LRT)

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Moon Hill
At a Glance
  • Timberbourg Gate
  • Moon Hill East
Station CodeMON
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Moon Hill is an LRT station on the Red Line and Grey Line.

This station is a terminus on the Grey Line - as such, Grey Line departures from this station do not require a direction in /dest commands.


Traveling to Moon Hill station is done by typing the corresponding command at your currents station before launching your minecart.

If your station has access to multiple LRT lines, make sure you are embarking on the correct line.

/dest command line (RED LINE)
/dest narra moon_hill /dest eliyahu moon_hill
  • Eliyahu
  • Stoneport
  • Narra
  • Broa Cay
  • Batong Bahura
  • Poblacion
  • Krus
/dest command line (GREY LINE)
/dest ori moon_hill /dest moon_hill
  • Ori
  • Southmarket
  • Cape Cocoa
  • Lenin Isles
  • Pampang


Moon Hill is the first station to integrate the standard LRT rail launchers/adopt the dir-point system of dest setting (vs. before when there were only simple booster track stops with buttons on the sides).