Gold Line

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Gold Line
LocationLambat/Lyrean Subcontinent
  • Poblacion
  • Cape Cocoa (current)
  • Develhof (planned)
Key People
  • Rail
Routing SystemOneDest
Stations4 (5-7 planned)
Commenced9th June 2022
Opened19th June 2022
ElevationUnderground, Surface
Depthy35 / y75
Number of Tracksdouble-tracked
Tunnel Dimensions5x3
Route map
meters (taxicab)
0 Copper Line junction
(dist) Charlie Vabin Junction
to L-Line 2
(dist) Charlie-Vabin
(dist) Lambat (Poblacion)
(dist) Uni Lambat
(dist) Katipan
(dist) Cape Cocoa
(+dist) Weirdscraftland
to Impendia
- Eloc
- to Develhof

Times shown are estimate journey from South Side assuming cart speed of 9 m/s.

The Gold Line is a OneDest rail built and managed by the Lambat Rail Transit Authority (LRT).

Its primary purpose is international rail access throughout Lambat, as well as providing a direct connection to the Cape Cocoa Nether Portal.


There are 5 functional stations total that operate under the Gold Line. Five stations have interchanges with other LRT lines, one station has an interchange with the GOR.

All Gold Line stations embark above-ground.

Code Name Location (x,z) Region Correspondence Notes
CVJ Charlie-Vabin 3525, -1355 Poblacion (Mall of Lambat) Red Line (WIP) • Also known as "CVJ" Station
POB Poblacion 3670, -1405 Poblacion Blue Line, Red Line
- Uni Lambat 3885, -1320 Poblacion/New September (Industrial Center) • Also known as "University of Lambat" Station

• No railswitches, manual direction only

KAT Katipan 3855, -1765 Katipan Green Line, Great Overland Railway
CCO Cape Cocoa 4130, -2480 Chungia (Cape Cocoa) Grey Line • Nether Portal Location
ELO Eloc - Chungia Blue Line

Other Stations

Code Name Location (x,z) Region Correspondence Notes
PIO Pioneer 3885, -1320 Pioneer District (Little Lusitania) L-Line 2 • Accessible via L-Line 2 (at CV Junction)

• Also known as "Pioneer Village" Station

- Weirdscraftland 4460, -2940 Weirdscraftland/Letos • Currently makeshift connection but is OneDest accessible

Scrapped Stations

Code Name Region Notes
- Sam's Rest Chungia (Mt. Flor) • Violated build codes for National Parks
- Lachs Djani'hweh (Northern Mountain) • Never made it past concepting phase