Katipan (LRT)

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At a Glance
Station CodeKAT
EstablishedJuly 8, 2022
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Katipan is an LRT station on the Green Line. It has correspondances with the Gold Line -- which is OneDest-compliant rail -- and the GOR.


Traveling to Katipan station is done by typing the corresponding command at your currents station before launching your minecart.

If your station has access to multiple LRT lines, make sure you are embarking on the correct line.

/dest command line
/dest cloudy katipan /dest sanctuary katipan
  • Sanctuary
  • Pioneer Village
  • Krus
  • September
  • Cloudy
  • Tshola
  • Broa Cay
  • Heleonov

OneDest Command:

• /dest ! +,- lyrean lambat katipan

(for international travellers outside of the gold line)

• /dest katipan

(for travellers on the gold line)

GOR Command:

/dest lambat


Katipan station was meant to be an auxiliary station for OneDest travelers coming into Lambat City; Poblacion was meant to be the central station (hence why the lambat dest in OneDest directs you to Poblacion station), but greater player traffic has ended in Katipan since the construction of the GOR into Lambat. By corollary, Katipan is the busiest LRT station as of April 16, 2023 (based on snitch activity).

Katipan station is the only LRT station that sells hot food and drink to go.